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  • Choose Water, Save Money

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    Choose Water, Save Money

    If you are looking to save some pennies and pounds in 2013 – not to mention boost your health and well-being – look no further than water. Your morning takeaway caffeine habit may be just that – a habit – but it doesn’t mean that it’s harmless. Drinking too much coffee can have negative effects on your health and give you coffee breath – and that's just for starters, as your daily purchase rapidly adds up to a considerable sum over the course of a year. Then there are the additional purchases that usually creep in, such as unhealthy muffins, brownies or cookies! Instead of relying on fresh coffee and sweet breakfast snacks when you get into work, head straight to the office water coolers and fill up on some delicious, cold H 20. If possible (and safe), fill a jug or container of cooler water and keep it on your desk. You can then fill a glass during the day and reach your magic target of eight glasses daily. Why not liven up your water as your taste buds adjust and try adding some sugar-free cordial? Even something as simple as ice cubes can make your drink taste a little bit special – see if there's a freezer drawer in the work kitchen! You should start to notice the benefits of your healthy new regime very quickly. Water is essential for general well-being. By drinking plain water, you should notice health benefits like improved energy levels, as you won’t experience any caffeine crashes. Remember, too, that if you feel hungry you may very well just be thirsty, as the human body often gets the two feelings confused. If in doubt, have a glass of water and then wait twenty minutes. You may find that you no longer wish to snack. This can be a great boost for any new year diet or beauty plans, as water could help you achieve that all-important healthy glow! Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.