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  • Counter Top Water Dispensers Running Hot and Cold

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    Counter Top Water Dispensers Running Hot and Cold

    For many offices, floor space is at a premium so adding a water cooler dispensing tower is just another piece of office furniture in an already crowded space. There is a solution, however, and that is a counter top water dispenser, perfect for any size office or business.

    A busy place

    Every office is a busy space. There are staff who all want to stay hydrated during their working day or shift.

    Your office or business could also welcome customers throughout the day, and there may be times when it is appropriate to offer them a drink.

    A cup of tea or coffee may be in order, or when someone requests a drink of water, maybe you would like to offer them something more pleasant that a glass of tepid tap water.

    Counter top water dispensers

    These pieces of kit do the same job as a floor standing, water dispensing column – just without taking up a chunk of floor space. Which is why, as you can imagine, they are an extremely popular water dispenser.

    But as well as being a counter top version of the floor standing dispenser, they also bring other benefits to a busy office;

    • Easily moveable – if your budget allowed, you could use dispensers if every room from the main corridor to the office itself, and any meeting rooms and board rooms you have access too. But, when looking to keep your operating costs low, this would be an extravagance that would be ill-advised. Thus, opting for a counter top water dispenser means you can easily move it from one place to another.
    • Fully serviced – you may have read that water dispensers need to be cleaned and sanitised now and then. The advice is that, as a minimum, no matter how much it is used or not, the dispenser should be sanitised every three months. This is why as part of our packages, this is an automatic inclusion thus; you have no need to worry.
    • Delivery options – we also make sure that you never run out of the delicious water, nor the small but convenient cups that are recyclable and which people can grab and have a mouthful of water on their way to that important meeting or appointment.
    • Two options to choose from – you can have a bottled fed counter top water dispenser or for a very busy office and when you don’t mind the counter top dispenser being fixed, you can opt for mains fed.

    But why have water dispenser in the first place?

    Whether counter top or floor standing, water dispensers are convenient. Understand why water is important to the human body and why being hydrated means we function better and you will understand why these pieces of equipment are essential in any workspace.


    One issue with the kitchen or canteen, the tap, and the kettle is that they are in a ‘fixed position’. You can’t move the kitchen to by your desk, and thus, people can sometimes feel a little hard pressed to leave their desk again for the fourth time that morning, to grab themselves a glass of water. And others notice that they are ‘always in the kitchen’ thus, they are doing no work.

    Counter top water dispensers can be place – and moved, if necessary – to places where people can access them and do so as often as they want or need.


    You may have heard of water cooler moments, where the hot topics of the day are discussed. Who would have thought of the water dispenser as being the place where employees could, by chance, mention an idea to another and for it to take off to become the best thing that ever happened to your business? Don’t mock because it has happened!

    People talk at water coolers. They get to know each other; they swap ideas; they generate new ones; great ideas can be borne out of people chatting at the water cooler. How great for your business would that be?

    Cold and hot water dispensers

    Everyone is different. Some people drink cold drinks all day, others prefer herbal tea, others opt for the strongest coffee they can find. Some people limit themselves to five cups of tea a day and never drink caffeine after 1 pm…

    You see, even in a small but busy office, everyone has different preferences, but sometimes, the queue at the kettle is too long. How about a counter top water boiler?

    • No waiting for the kettle to boil
    • Cheaper to run
    • No need to replace worn out domestic kettles every few months
    • Hot drinks taste better because the water is filtered before being boiled
    • And the machine is fully serviced under our service packages too

    Are counter top water dispensers right for your business?

    We know they are but if you want to find out for yourself, why not opt for a free trial? You’ll never give it back…

    Please view our range of hot & cold counter top water dispensers.