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  • Countertop Water Boilers – What to Look Out for!

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    Countertop Water Boilers – What to Look Out for!

    Countertop water boilers are perfect for busy workplaces, catering establishments, schools and anywhere where more than one person needs to use a kettle to make a hot drink. Offering water at a temperature that makes the perfect cuppa, a countertop unit can be easily moved from one place to another. If you need coffee in the board room on Tuesday morning, and tea in the visitors lounge on Thursday afternoon, the countertop water boiler is the simplest option. With the various options and features across a range of countertop water boilers, it can be difficult knowing which is the right one for you. With this in mind, we examine our range of five, high-quality countertop water boilers, giving you a flavour of their similarities and differences.

    What to look for in a countertop water boiler unit

    You need a unit that will provide you with hot water when you need it most. You want it to look stylish as well as be reliable and safe to use.

    #1 Mode of dispensing water

    Contributing to safety is how easy the unit is to operate. Although you may be around to supervise users on most occasions, there may be times when you are not thus, the use of the water boiler needs to be self-explanatory.

    #2 Draw-off

    Draw-off is the amount of hot water that the countertop unit is capable of delivering in one go before it has to be left to refill and reheat a new batch of water. There are times when there is a heavy need for hot water, for example during a break in a meeting you are hosting, or at lunch time, etc. On one hand, you want a machine that has the capacity to fulfil these needs, but you don’t want a huge unit that is only really used to its full potential once in a while.

    #3 Materials used

    We all need to play our part in being greener and more environmentally aware of our impact on the environment, both locally and globally. For many businesses, they need to give evidence as to how they are doing this. Leasing or buying a countertop water boiler made from 95% recycled materials is further evidence of your commitment and doing your bit for the environment.

    #4 Energy Efficiency Just as when you buy electronic white goods for your home, you will look for how energy efficient a countertop water boiler is. ALL our countertop units reach stringent energy efficiency guidelines. In fact, water boilers are known to consume less power to heat and maintain hot water ready for instant dispensing than boiling a domestic kettle. Add to this that you will need to replace the kettle far more often that a hot water dispenser, and you will soon see how you are saving money twice over.

    #5 Temperature control

    Tea and coffee should say the experts, never be made with boiling water. The tea or the coffee powder are scorched by boiling water leading to an unpleasant burnt taste, not what you want from a much-needed tea or coffee during the working day. Thus, water boilers dispense hot water at around 92-98°c. This makes for the perfect cuppa. What you don’t want necessarily, is having a complicated procedure to ensure that the water heats up in good time and can regulate its temperature without your input. ALL our countertop water boilers offer electronic temperature control.

    And finally…

    You don’t want an ugly-looking, prehistoric water boiler clanging away in the corner, with gurgling noises and banging pipes every time someone makes themselves a drink. Frankly, it doesn’t sit well in your modern office. All our countertop hot water boilers are stylish and streamlined, taking up minimal space without compromising on the amount of water on offer. Everything is neatly tucked away behind their outer casing, meaning all you need to see is what you need to use – seeing how hot the water is, if it is ready to use and the tap or push button dispenser. Even better, all units are easy to keep hygienically clean too. It really couldn’t be any easier getting the best countertop water boiler with Angel Springs.