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  • Detox with Water

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    Detox with Water

    Feeling a little run-down? Been drinking too many sunshine cocktails and indulging in holiday junk food? Well, water can play a great role in helping you detox and return to full health. Forget topical applications and focus on your internal system. Water taken regularly and in its natural form will help your body detox effectively. You don't need to buy expensive detox drinks! Just head to the water coolers and if you're looking for an extra metabolic fix, select the coldest flow button for cooler water. Ice-cold drinks force your body to warm up its core, which burns energy and speeds up the metabolism in a similar way to eating chilli (mental note for those brave enough to try chilli and mint tea next time they're having a healthy hot drink). Drink water with some herbs, or a squeeze of lemon to aid the cleansing process. Supplements such as milk thistle are said to help your body's natural cleansing processes and they are widely available from health stores. Eat more fruit and vegetables too for their high water content, which is packed with vitamins and minerals too. Try whizzing up fresh soups and smoothies to make the most of them! On your skin, if it's parched from sunburn or dry from hard living, apply moisture in the form of a moisturising water-based mask, with natural oil to hold the moisture into your skin. Look for ingredients such as 'aqua' and 'hydro' in formulation, or make your own masks with crushed fruits. Strawberry, yoghurt, honey and egg yolks are all great beautifiers and women all over the world have long been using them to stay beautiful. Honey is a great skin healer, and remember that a muslin cloth of oats held under a warm running bath will soothe skin irritations. Add a few drops of lavender oil for extra calm. Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.