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  • Do you look after your employees’ health? Things you can do to make a difference

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    Do you look after your employees’ health? Things you can do to make a difference

    Employers should always make sure they maintain a healthy workplace. This is crucial in terms of motivation, productivity and performance. An employees’ health should be considered immediately upon employment, simply being aware of the employees’ own health (such as whether they have allergies). As a whole the workplace needs to be a healthy daily environment as most offices are hot. Employers, therefore, need to look after their employees’ health. With such a hot environment and often in front of computers for a long period of time, it is important for employees’ to keep hydrated. The business can install a water cooler to keep their workers hydrated. This has within it a cooling function that refrigerates a tube to keep the water cool when it is dispensed. It is integral especially on hot days to keep hydrated at all times and for a business to install a water dispenser. This also deters employees going to vending machines in lunch hours and having unhealthy drinks that leave them in the end not wanting cool water. The government has several guidelines that oblige companies to ensure a healthy and safe workplace. According to the government website, the employer is responsible for health and safety, they must not put employees at risk in any way, to provide training and make sure new employees are aware of health and safety rules. They mention this as an obligation and indicate training should make employees’ aware of all the health and safety protocols of the company. A business may want to look after employees’ health greater by going green. There are many ways in which a business can create a healthier working environment by promoting green ways of improving a workplace. Less pollution in the atmosphere makes for a healthier workplace. By minimising waste as much as possible money can be saved. A greater green environment can mean greater air quality through several methods. These include instant hot water boilers that save money but also allow less steam to be released into the atmosphere. Office fans help the office temperature, the cooling down of the atmosphere would allow for a cooler working environment. Dehumidifiers can help with allergies in particularly humid offices in the summer months. An air conditioned office is also essential. In terms of lighting, it may be considered to install dimmer lighting. Pulsating lights in humid offices are not good for employee safety. Businesses may want low energy bulbs that pulsate less; these are less expensive and as well as being safe can save the business on electricity costs. More generally, by allowing flexible working hours a business could contribute to a healthier workforce. Staff can use flexible leave to engage in healthy events such as visiting the gym. Nowadays, more and more employers are recognising that flexible working hours give workers freedom and that consequently improves performance. Some companies have health insurance policies to ensure staff members have quality and quick health cover should they become ill. It gives the workers assurance that should they become ill in some cases healthcare will be available to them. Other companies will account for illnesses through several methods to make sure when their employee returns from illness they are able to slot back into the company without any difficulties for the employee. Looking after employees’ health should be top of any businesses’ list and health and safety should be paramount and strongly paid attention to. By cooling the office, hydrating their workers, installing less polluting and health affecting devices and being aware of the health of their employees’ in general, businesses may help improve job performance and job satisfaction, as a healthy working environment is important for the whole mood and overall productivity of the business.