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  • You Don’t Need Water to Get More Water!

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    You Don’t Need Water to Get More Water!

    So you’ve decided to start consuming more water in order to get a bit healthier. Well that’s a pretty wise move – after all, water is a great way to help you lose weight when you look at things closely. It can act as a natural alternative to snacks – it has almost no calories, and water is often what your body is craving when you think you have hunger ‘pangs’. Yes, there are plenty of things going for it. Here, we look at some ways in which you can add to your water intake, aside from filling your cup at the water cooler. For starters, yoghurt is actually a surprisingly abundant source of water. What’s more, due to its natural bacteria content it has a number of other advantages when it comes to digestion too. As well as containing lots of water, Pineapples are also pretty good for digestion as they contain bromelain, an enzyme which is great for breaking down proteins and can help with some stomach issues. Other water-rich fruits include watermelons (perhaps not unsurprisingly) and oranges. Oranges are almost 90% water. On the salad and veg front, water-laden lettuce and spinach are great bits of green for helping combat stomach or digestive issues such as constipation and urinary tract infections. Of course, very little beats the cucumber when it comes to water content – it contains a whopping 96% water, although radishes at 95% are another great alternative. Peppermint, ginger and chamomile are good examples of carminative herbs – meaning herbs which help combat flatulence. Not only do they keep the level of gas build up down, but they are also a great way to stimulate the digestive tract and the flow of saliva. These are often used in tea, so are a great natural way to increase your intake of water. As we move more into the winter months, broths are also an effective way to increase your water intake. If you make the soup yourself you will be able to pick the healthy veg you like, and avoid the high sodium levels often found in canned soups.