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  • Drink More Water in Summer

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    Drink More Water in Summer

    This summer may not have been gloriously sunny, but it has been hot and muggy at times, which ought to have prompted everyone to stay hydrated. Of course, the temptation at this time of year is to opt for drinks that are loaded with calories and additives. These include cocktails, beer and wine, which will dehydrate you because alcohol is a diuretic (the drinks will also add calories that you probably do not need). Soft drinks are often packed with sugar, additives and colourings and cost a lot of money too, but what is the alternative? First, your body simply needs water. It doesn't need fancy branded drinks or formulations claiming to give you energy (these are usually just based on added glucose and tiny amounts of natural stimulants such as guarana and ginseng, which you can buy from health food shops and take at levels that actually make a difference). You could rely on your office water coolers. Fill up a jug and add ice-cubes, a slice of lime, some mint, crushed raspberries, a splash of natural elderflower or whatever takes your fancy! For hot drinks, head to the hot water dispenser and experiment with the myriad herbal and fruit teas available. Not only will these be easier on your pocket than takeaway coffees and other drinks, they won't be packed with flavoured syrups or fatty creams that add to your waistline! Try eating more water too. All fruit and vegetables are made largely from the purest natural water, which has been filtered by the plant. Watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes, berries and citrus fruits are particularly good and you can also try whizzing them up into smoothies and fresh juices. Just don't replace all your water intake with juices, though, as they still contain natural fruit sugars. Enjoy in moderation with plenty of cold, plain and natural water in between. Your body will thank you! Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.