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  • Drink up! Why Water Can Improve Your Health

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    Drink up! Why Water Can Improve Your Health

    When you fill up on a glass of cold water from the bottled water cooler, you're doing more than just keeping hydrated. You're also improving your health. This is because the human body is made up of nearly 60% water. Muscle cells contain up to 75% water, which is why one of the most common signs of dehydration is sore and aching muscles. Your body can get water in three ways: through drinks, foods and from its own metabolic processes. Each person needs about 2.5 litres of the clear stuff every day, which should ideally be taken throughout the day, rather than by overloading the system every so often. Bear in mind that other drinks can dehydrate you, increasing your need for extra water. The two main culprits are alcohol and caffeine. Both are diuretics, which mean that they encourage your body to lose water and dehydrate. In fact, most of the symptoms of a hangover are related directly to dehydration. So, do as the French do and have a glass of cold mineral water alongside a glass of wine. If you're into the habit of filling up each day at the water coolers, you'll be glad you did. Drinking water not only makes you look and feel good, it's kind to your teeth and also helps you avoid many medical conditions, such as allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, digestive problems, and more. It also helps you to improve your muscle tone and if you get water retention and believe the diuretics are the way to solve it, don't be fooled! Drinking sufficient water will actually prevent water retention! Water will also help regulate your appetite. Many people eat when they believe they are feeling hungry. Often, however, dehydration is confused for hunger, so drink more and start to feel the benefits!

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