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  • Drink Water, Lose Weight

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    Drink Water, Lose Weight

    The next time you find yourself mentally debating whether to drink a glass of cold, pure water from the mains-fed water coolers at work or visit the vending machine for a sweet snack, consider the health benefits of the pure stuff. Water could help you to lose weight by flushing out the by-products of fat digestion. Water is also an appetite suppressant, as it fills you up and makes you feel less hungry, meaning that you eat less. Pure water is also free from calories! Water is a natural beautifier too. All those expensive beauty products you buy have one primary ingredient in common: aqua. Your skin looks luminous and youthful when it's adequately hydrated and drinking water helps keep your skin looking moisturised and elastic. Drinking enough water helps to regulate your body temperature, which is vital on hot days, but also key for exercise. If you stay hydrated throughout your exercise regime, you'll feel more energetic during your workout and your muscles will be well fuelled too. Don't bother spending money on expensive sports drinks, however, as most commercial drinks labelled as 'energy' formulas are simply sugary concoctions. Try making your own with pure water, a pinch of sugar and salt and perhaps a squeeze of some citrus fruit for vitamins and taste as you desire. Why not start filling a bottle from the mains-fed water coolers at work before you leave for the day? You can use it to fuel your walk home, which is the healthier alternative to taking the car or public transport. That way you'll be boosting your health on a number of fronts, whilst reaping myriad benefits for your appearance and general well-being.

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