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  • Easy Steps to Hire a Water Dispenser

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    Easy Steps to Hire a Water Dispenser

    Quash the uncertainty of not knowing which water dispenser hire package is for you with this handy step by step guide Water, as we all know, is simply essential to good health, from keeping our brain active, to helping maintain concentration and physical health too. We spend a lot of our time at work, and when things are busy, the one thing that can suffer is our hydration levels. A morning break, lunch and possibly an afternoon break give only three opportunities to raise our hydration levels, but the cup of caffeinated tea or coffee might not be doing the best job of keeping you hydrated and alert. Water, therefore, needs to be in ready supply but this often means the single tap in the canteen which, in some work situations, is a long way from your desk or workstation. The solution is to hire a water dispenser or dispensers. And here’s how to get the best hire deal:

    Step 1: The water dispenser hires package

    First and foremost, you need to shop around and see what deals and offers are out there on employing water dispensers for the workplace.

    There will be, as you can imagine, all kinds of sweeteners and deals, designed to entice you to hire one of their machines. Like most hire contracts, these deals look to maximise the amount you spend on an annual or monthly basis so take care you don’t end up buying the bigger package because it seems like a better deal – in the long run, you may find you don’t use it hence, you are paying for something you don’t need.

    However, there is one deal that is always worth taking advantage of and that is a free trial. These can last from 7 days to 14 days or, with Angel Springs, a whole three months.

    The aim is simple - you can test out whether hiring a water dispenser is right for you and your colleagues without committing yourself to an outlay each month from here to eternity.

    What to look for in a hire package?

    • Is cleaning and sanitising the dispenser every 3 months included?
    • Recyclable cups – and how many are supplied as part of the deal?
    • How many bottles supplied (if bottle fed dispensers) in a given period? Is there a minimum or a maximum number specified?
    • Upgrading of machine – will this happen periodically or when you ask?

    Step 2: The budget

    Most hire contracts for water dispensers work on a monthly payment basis although you could, depending on the company, pay in larger chunks such as quarterly or even annually.

    The important thing to remember is that this is a regular outgoing regarding expenditure, and you need to get the best deal for your budget.

    Step 3: Bottle fed or mains fed water dispenser?

    Hot on the heels of your budgetary considerations will be whether to opt for the mains fed version which is plumbed in or whether to hire a freestanding water dispenser.

    There ae pros and cons to both but if you are seeking to understand whether a water dispenser is right for your business, looking to hire a freestanding, bottle fed water dispenser is the clear winner.

    Step 4: The location

    Know you have the right hire package for your business, you now need to decide on where you are going to locate the dispensers.

    You want people to see them and use them. Thus, they need to be located in a place that is convenient to access. This location will vary from one work site to another but here are some ideas:

    • Near the canteen or staff room
    • Close to washrooms and cloakrooms
    • Entry or exit points such as foyers, reception areas
    • In the office or workspace itself, if this is safe and convenient

    Step 5: Let people know it’s there (why they should use it!)

    A common occurrence is a business will spend time and energy, as well as cash, hiring water dispensers for staff to use only to find that it remains untouched for weeks on end. And when it is used, it is only utilized by a few people.

    Encouraging people to drink more water is helping them to make a change to their daily routines and habits. Some people worry that by drinking more, they will need the bathroom more thus, you need to encourage people to understand that drinking more really is just fine –, and there is no penalty for increased toilet visits, etc.

    Anything from an internal email campaign to posters dotted about the place telling people the water dispenser is there, how to use and why they should use it, all make investing in a water dispenser worth it.