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  • Euro 2012 – Why your favourite footballers will be drinking bottled water

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    Euro 2012 – Why your favourite footballers will be drinking bottled water

    Everywhere you turn, it seems that footballers and other sportspeople are drinking bottled water - but why is this? Most of us are aware that water is essential to hydration and overall health. Even sedentary types need around eight glasses of fresh water a day to stay healthy and maintain optimum hydration throughout the day. Sports people need much more. When you're playing football, or working out, your body sweats, losing water and essential salts. These need replenishing; otherwise the body quickly becomes fatigued and loses the ability to stay energised and to repair itself. This isn't surprising when you consider that our bodies are composed largely of water. So regular water intake, whether from bottled spring or mineral water, or water coolers at half time, allows footballers to maintain their game and perform to their best ability. This is just one reason why Angel Springs is providing bottled water for the English Premier League’s Wolverhampton Wanderers FC this year. So when you're watching Euro 2012, be prepared to see lots of water-sipping occurring at half time. Sports people tend to prefer bottles with "sports caps" - designed to prevent them from swallowing air and becoming bloated. A modest, regular intake of water in the form of a "top-up" is better for health than overloading the body with a single, large influx. So, if your office is lucky enough to be watching the football this year, take a leaf from the professionals' books and maintain your water intake throughout the day. Cold water from water coolers can be served with a slice of lemon for extra "zing" and a water boiler is a kitchen essential for making healthy herbal teas. Whether your preference is cold or hot tipples, keep that water flowing and your health at its peak.

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