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  • Facilities Management - Advantages to using Water Coolers

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    Facilities Management - Advantages to using Water Coolers

    There are many aspects of running a business. As a company grows, some of these aspects can become legal requirements and necessities. In some cases, the growth of a business also means a physical expansion. When a company operates from more than one site, it can mean that a facilities manager is needed. Essentially, this is the backroom person or team of individuals who make sure that the light bulb that is flickering in the corridor is changed, or that the lock jammed in a cubicle is repaired or replaced. These are the teams of people who make sure that the sites at which people are expected to work are clean, tidy, safe and secure. Under their remit will come the regulations as laid out in the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, 1992. These are the regulations that govern all kinds of aspects in the workplace, with one particularly important one – safe and clean drinking water. In fact, employers also have to label where the drinking water is, and also notify staff if the water is not to be used as drinking water. This all sounds like common sense and, in the majority of business settings and office, this is not an issue. But there are issues for many sectors and industries; the provision of clean, drinking water can be difficult in some settings. Environmental factors, along with economic considerations can make the plumbing in of mains water almost impossible. And thus, many industries look to bringing in water in the form of water coolers and so on. These too have issues that need dealing with, hygiene being one of them.

    The construction industry

    The building sector is a prime example of when there are questions that impact on the provision of safe drinking water for staff. Constructions sites can be numerous for one company, with sites dotted about the country. They can be inaccessible places, or they may in some situations where getting to them can be tricky and a feat in itself.

    But they all have one thing in common – they are temporary sites. Even if the construction site is the base for many crews for several months, it is not a permanent structure and therefore, plumbing in mains water may not be the best use of resources.

    But these issues are compounded it would seem by something that is positive overall. There has been a significant increase of water being drunk at construction sites across the UK – especially when you examine the statistics from the British Water Cooler Association.

    There are many reasons for this but two reasons walk hand in hand – the employees realise the benefits of drinking more water and staying hydrated. At the same time, employers also understand that workers who are hydrated are more able to concentrate and focus on what needs doing. In the construction industry, where there are machinery and many other hazards, an alert workforce is essential. Who would have thought that water could be the substance that helps with keeping employees active and focused?

    Why opt for water coolers?

    The construction industry itself is an extremely physical industry, with male and female workers working in all kinds of environments, from hot and dusty road work sites to building or demolishing or buildings. It can be heavy work, physically demanding and thus, thirst can be a real issue.High volumes of water it seems, is something that the construction industry needs to keep its workforce hydrated. Bottled fed water coolers are becoming. As a result, increasingly popular.

    Even better is that these water coolers are maintained, considerations such as hygiene are taken into account.

    It all fits the bill for many companies too who are now taking an increasingly active role in helping their employees to maintain their health. Physical and mental health was not always top of the agenda for many companies. However, with people leaving businesses de-skilling their workforce, many companies realise that maintaining and promoting health is one way of keeping hold of skilled people.

    Responsive too

    We understand the need to be responsive when it comes to supplies too; the recent hot summer of 2013 meant that many people who work outdoors in particular were more thirsty and at higher risk of dehydration.

    All it takes is one phone call, and the water cooler bottles can be replenished and extra stocks brought in.

    How would your business benefit from fresh, clean and safe drinking water provided by one of our water coolers?

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