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  • Is That a Fact? Water Facts You Might Not Know

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    Is That a Fact? Water Facts You Might Not Know

    Water is all around us, it’s pretty unavoidable with such a huge percentage of the Earth’s surface covered in water! But many of us don’t fully appreciate the importance of water. For example, most of us know the Earth is predominantly covered water, but many of us fail to realise that as humans, we actually share almost the same composition as the Earth’s surface, as we are 70% water. That’s because our skin, organs, and pretty much everything else is made of a high level of water – when you know this, the need to stay properly hydrated makes a lot more sense! Drinking plenty of water is very important, but you can overdo it. Drinking too much water can cause what is known as water intoxication, which although far less common than dehydration, can have similarly fatal effects. Hot water freezes more quickly than cold water. A bizarre phenomenon that scientists have only recently got to grips with! While a normal human can live up to a month without food, they can only really live a week without water. Obviously this is dependent on the person, but it reflects the true importance of keeping hydrated. On a similar theme, drinking eight cups of water a day is a bit of an old wives tale. While it is a rough guide, the true amount of water a person should consume each day is dependent on the job they do, their health, their age, even their size and weight. Therefore it is always recommended you do a bit more research into this before deciding what is best for you. Water can help keep the skin young, helps filter your kidneys, and it even helps regulate your body temperature, which is why it is always recommended to drink plenty of water if you catch a fever.