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  • FAQs About Office Water Coolers – All Your Questions Answered

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    FAQs About Office Water Coolers – All Your Questions Answered

    A water dispenser is as integral to the modern office as desktop PCs and printers. But are they everything you need them to be? Will the investment be worth it?

    Will anyone use the water dispenser?

    As a business owner, you will spend time and money investing in your staff. After all, this pool of talented people is what is driving your business forward.

    You want to create a culture that says, ‘work here!’. You want to attract the best people and retain the best people. Creating the right culture is, therefore, essential.

    This means investing in people, training them, challenging them, giving them new opportunities and sharing common goals and values.

    The water dispenser is just one of many minute details ripe for you to invest in that sends a positive message to staff.

    Everyone needs to stay hydrated – in fact, in a working day, many of us neglect our hydration levels leading to headaches and loss of concentration – thus a water cooler is an ideal solution to encourage your staff to remain healthy.

    In short yes, your staff will use water dispensers as will your visitors and guests.

    Where does the water come from?

    Water in bottle-fed water coolers will come from suppliers with proven track records in supplying fantastic water from sustainable sources. We use water sources close to our distribution depots to minimise the miles that the water travels.

    There are two sources of ‘natural’ water, both of which are governed by specific legislation but in short;

    • Natural mineral water – this water must come from an identified and protected source in order for it to be labelled as natural mineral water. The composition of this water is guaranteed. And you can rest assured that natural mineral water is free from pollution as this is part of the labelling process.
    • Spring water – to be labelled as spring water, it must come from an underground source. It must also be bottled there and be microbiologically safe without treatment. In the UK, there are other certain treatments that are permitted to rid the water of undesirable substances.

    How do we keep the water cooler clean?

    You can also rely on the filtering system within our water dispensers to ensure that the water is safe when you drink it.

    Over the years, many of our customers have expressed concern over the safety of water dispensed from water coolers and boilers.

    It is true that, over time, waterborne bacteria and spores can develop. These bacteria coat the internal mechanisms and components of the machine meaning that every time a cup of water is dispensed, microscopic germs and bacteria will be in the water you drink.

    However, there are ways of stopping this from happening;

    • Firewall protection – our units are coated internally with a leading technology that prevents spores from gaining a foothold.
    • Filtered – water as it is dispensed is also treated via an active carbon filter that removes a range of impurities. This enhances the taste but also ensures that anything that shouldn’t be there is removed.
    • Sanitised – we also ensure that water coolers are sanitised on a three-monthly basis as recommended by the British Water Cooler Association. And we do it for you!

    Is the hot water from a combined hot and cold-water dispenser really hot enough to make a brew?

    The hot water dispensed from a water cooler with this capability is a little under boiling point. And it is the perfect temperature for making tea, coffee, hot chocolate or your favourite hot beverage.

    If you make a tea or coffee with boiling water, as the water hits the leaves or the coffee grounds it will scorch them, contributing to a bitter taste.

    Tea and coffee, and herbal teas especially, should be made with hot, but not boiling water. Try it and taste the difference.

    Are water dispensers worth the expense?

    Considering the range of benefits to having a water dispenser – cooler and/or boiler – in the office, the argument about expense goes out the window.

    It is a cost-effective addition to the office, helping people stay hydrated and healthy rather than reaching for a sugar-laden fizzy drink. Fruit juices are all well and good, but they are acidic thus, are not good for teeth.

    Simple to use, quiet with very few decibels to assault the ears, along with filtered water with each press of the button or pull of the dispensing tap.

    They look stylish – choose a colour and design – they can be floor standing or countertop bottled fed units, or you can opt for a plumbed-in version.

    For more information, take a look at our comprehensive pages of information relating to water dispensers in the office.