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  • Favourite Drinks for Hydration

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    Favourite Drinks for Hydration

    Everybody knows how important it is to keep hydrated, both in the workplace and at home. This means avoiding diuretics such as caffeine, which actually removes water from the body. Staying hydrated also entails finding drinks to enjoy that are natural, healthy and not packed with sugars and additives, as found in many commercial drinks. One of the best tips for dieters who are putting on weight despite a healthy diet, or those who are failing to shift the last few pounds, is to look at the drinks they're consuming. Very often, people unwittingly consume hundreds of calories from sugary takeaway coffees, flavoured milky drinks, milkshakes, smoothies, cola, fruit-flavoured drinks and more. There are plenty of healthier alternatives you can make yourself, which will provide hydration, vitamins, minerals and other essentials that your body needs. Opt to make herbal teas such as nettle, chamomile, mint, lemon verbena or fennel from the hot water dispensers at work. Experiment with different tastes and blends until you find the ones you like. There are also plenty of great green and white tea blends that are incredibly healthy, along with mixed herb and fruit teas, which create delicious and unique flavours for a healthy pick-me-up that is free from caffeine and artificial sugar. From the water cooler, opt for ice-cold fresh filtered water with lemon slices, a mint sprig and ice cubes. Alternatively, add crushed fresh raspberries, a squeezed lemon or some sugar-free natural cordial (elderflower is particularly good). Try making fresh juices; apple, carrot and ginger make a classic blend that tastes incredible. Blended fruit smoothies provide a good source of fibre, which is essential for maintaining a balanced diet. Banana and strawberry is delicious. Avocado, meanwhile, ought to be your surprise ingredient, as it gives a wonderfully smooth finish and can be blended with pineapple and frozen raspberries for extra flavour.

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