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  • Fight Winter Colds With Water

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    Fight Winter Colds With Water

    December and January can be pretty heavy-hitting months on the average human’s immune system. It doesn’t take much to think why either. The amount of alcohol we consume increases with work parties and family shindigs over the festive period – and excessive alcohol consumption has been shown to diminish the effectiveness of the immune system. These social obligations also mean we are, naturally, more likely to be with groups of more people – generally sharing germs with a wider circle than normal. You will have seen the first signs of bugs and colds naturally emerge from early December, with more and more people around the office getting sniffles and runny noses. The question is then, with all these factors contributing to a weakened immune system, just how can you fight a winter cold?

    Whilst there are many medicines on the market to deal with colds, what you really need is a preventative – beating the cold to punch. That is where water comes in. Yes, plain old H 2O could well be your saviour when it comes to avoiding the unsavoury bugs and colds spreading round the office like wildfire in the winter months. The reason for this is simple: water plays a vital part in helping your immune system do its job. Not only that, but water can also give your skin a natural, healthy-looking glow, it can help your digestion – which is especially important after the festive period! It is also said to sharpen brain functions – just don’t count on water to get you through that tough Sudoku puzzle book you got for Christmas! So with staff coming back off their holidays with red noses and colds, make sure you make the water cooler your first destination this winter!