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  • Five Tips For Effective Workplace Learning

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    Five Tips For Effective Workplace Learning

    Workplace learning is beneficial for both the employee and the employer. For the employer, workplace learning helps the team member to improve or learn new skills that are beneficial to the job and meet the needs and skills demands of the organisation. For employees, learning a new skill is another string to their bow. It allows them to enjoy learning something new away from their usual job role.Training and development are crucial to an employee’s happiness. Workplace satisfaction shouldn’t be offered as a privilege to those who have worked in the business for many years. Many employers are reluctant to provide training for fear that employees will request a higher salary or that they might look for other employment with their newly found skills that their employer has invested in.

    Employee learning should be invested in from the beginning and maintained at every single level. Learning will help to boost the employee’s skills, energy, motivation and drive; all of which benefit the employer with improved morale, focus, satisfaction and commitment.

    To offer your employees the chance to grow, progress and enhance their skills, here are five tips for effective workplace learning. How could you adopt training and development in your business?

    Adapt To Different Styles

    Make sure that the workplace learning your organisation offers is adaptable to all employees. Everyone learns differently, and to make the training most effective it is important to provide a variety of techniques in which to learn.

    Some people are kinesthetic learners who take a hands-on approach whereas others are auditory and will learn best through audiobooks. Visual learners will have to watch either a demonstration or a video in order to learn. To make workplace learning as effective as possible, appreciate the diversity of learning styles in the team. Give everyone a chance to learn in the way that works best for them.

    Make Learning Fun

    It may seem childlike but having fun whilst learning is essential. It helps people to remain engaged and also cements new knowledge in their minds. Having group learning sessions is a great way to ensure there is fun through an enjoyable learning setting. If the setting and learning style is positive, it is much more likely to be remembered.

    If your organisation can’t afford to have groups of workers out of the office at the same time, a lunchtime training session can be ideal. While eating lunch, another colleague can share their wisdom or even hire a contracted trainer and make the invite open to all. This way you’ll see the commitment to learning in your team and will be enthused to host more lunchtime learning sessions.

    Conduct Training Needs Analysis

    No workplace learning will be effective if it is not delivered to the right people at the right time. By understanding your team better, you can make sure you invest in the most suitable and effective training.

    It is important to find out the backgrounds, motivations and the strengths and weaknesses of your team. This way you can find out who has skills and who needs further training. You may find there are people in your workforce that will be able to deliver training based on their knowledge. Learning from peers is often an effective technique as it can use everyday situations- this makes the training more relevant to the job.

    Online Courses

    Online courses are a great opportunity for your workforce to learn the skills they need at their own pace. Training can be hugely expensive for businesses, especially with team members having to be out of the office for a whole day as well. With online courses, people can learn at their desks for a short time every day, minus the travel costs and expenses.

    With so many resources available online, employees can find the perfect course for their needs that ensures effective learning. Online courses come in many different styles. From games, virtual talks and presentations- your workforce is sure to find a session that is engaging and insightful.

    Pop Quiz

    Reviewing learnt material is essential, once you have acquired new skills it is vital that you use, apply and retain the information so as to master your new skill. Group discussions after training courses can be useful to go over any elements that were confusing or need further clarification.

    Competition can also be a great way to engage people in what they have learnt, so add friendly and light-hearted pop quizzes to the schedule after a team learning exercise. It encourages people to share what they’ve learnt and discuss how they have interpreted the information.