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  • Focus on Water to Improve Well-Being of Staff

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    Focus on Water to Improve Well-Being of Staff

    Employers are required by law to provide sources of potable water on their premises. What many employers are now realising, however, is that the requirement is not so much an obligation or onus as it is an opportunity to improve productivity. The science is simple. Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches, poor concentration and short-term memory loss. Regular consumption of water can prevent dehydration. Current medical guidelines recommend that the average person drinks approximately 1.5 litres of water every day. This is roughly the equivalent of eight glasses. The water can be cold – for example, from mains fed water coolers or spring water bottles – or hot, as from eco boiler dispensers. An eco boiler is useful because it can encourage workers to drink more herbal tea, which is the healthier alternative to coffee and tea. Coffee acts as a poor hydrator because it encourages the body to release valuable water supplies. This speeds dehydration and explains why many coffee drinkers are prone to headaches. Tea has a diuretic effect if drunk in large quantities, so herbal teas are a good option. White and green tea are also healthier because both are lower in caffeine. Regular water consumption improves concentration, focus, energy levels and general well-being - all vital attributes of good workers. Members of staff should be encouraged to drink water throughout the day. One of the most effective ways of achieving this is by installing mains fed water coolers in the office. These are cost effective and make the most of the mains supply by filtering and chilling water at the source. Posters placed around the office can help to promote the benefits of water. Workers should be made aware of the fact that drinking water is far healthier and cheaper than spending money on caffeine-rich hot beverages and sugary, fizzy drinks. Changing attitudes is the first step towards improving the well-being of staff.

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