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  • FREE water coolers!

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    FREE water coolers!

    Sit back and relax with a FREE trial from Angel Springs!

    Try it. Love it. Keep it. If not, give it back, and there is nothing to pay. Wouldn’t it be great if with every major purchase or commitment you make to a product or service came with such a fantastic offer? Unfortunately, the chance to try something out, just to see if it works or if it right for you and give it back with nothing to pay is not something that happens often. For any business to offer a free trial of any kind, they need to have complete confidence that their product and service hits the mark. It needs to be so good on all levels, so that when the trial period ends, the customer just cannot bear to part with it. This is how the vast majority of clients feel after a free trial of our water coolers. And here’s why it is a great idea for your company…

    #1 It is as simple as 1,2,3…

    Have you ever come across an offer and thought ‘great!’, only to find that to claim the ‘free’ product you need to have bought something or have been a customer for some time. Rather than being an enticing offer to buy, it is more a reward for buying – this is not what happens with our free water cooler trial.

    You express an interest in a product, we roll on up with a water cooler with cups and leave you to enjoy days and days of delicious, chilled water for you, your staff and colleagues.

    At the end of the trial, we look at what worked and what didn’t, how we can create the perfect hire package or sales deal for you or, if you are not convinced that it is the right product for your business, we roll on up and take the water dispenser away.

    No bills. No recriminations. No pestering phone calls. Simple.

    #2 A growing supply network

    We are a growing company with a growing customer base from the south to the north, across England, Scotland and Wales.

    This means we can be responsive without having too big an impact on the environment. For all businesses, not just those that deliver via the road, rail or air networks, ensuring that the impact on the environment is minimalised is important – in fact, the environmental factor is fast becoming the deciding factor in whether to opt for a service or not.

    #3 Striving for excellent – every time

    When it comes to opting for a free trial, you may find that the company is initially very attentive to your every call and email. They will answer questions quickly and return your calls within hours but, what often happens, is that once the customer is hooked, the attentiveness and the excellent customer service starts to dwindle. You become just another customer number.

    But not with us. We want to show you during your free trial just how brilliant we are and that every time we walk to you, help you and deliver more water, etc., that it is excellent service. The high standard of customer service you receive during the trial is the same high level of service all our customers get, every day.

    #4 Super-efficient products

    For many businesses, understanding how much hiring a water cooler will cost them is necessary. In other words, what will you get for your money?

    There is a consideration for the running costs of water coolers such as the cost of energy. Our water coolers are super-efficient models, the latest designs and innovations in water cooling and dispensing technology means the draw on power is minimal. This is important because when you opt for a water cooler, you don’t want a massive energy bill to go with it.

    Our water dispensers, especially the hot water dispensers can save you money too. The math may a little complicated but suffice to say, the cost of boiling a kettle over and over again is far more expensive than the cost of running a hot water dispenser.

    #5 Giving back to the community too

    In business, the prize is profit – and the more you can make, the better.

    This can come at the expense of people, communities, and the environment. Looking for suppliers and trading partners that have a sense of community and philanthropy can be hard to find. With Angel Springs, you have no such concerns.

    We have been regularly donating to the ‘Make-a-Wish’ foundation for many years, raising more than £150,000.

    Is there a better water dispensing company to take up a free trial with?

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