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  • Freestanding or Counter Top Water Coolers

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    Freestanding or Counter Top Water Coolers

    Which is the right option for your business or workplace?

    If you are looking to hire or buy a water cooler for your business or workplace, you will enter a world of decisions and options that can, at first glance, look confusing.

    There is, as you would expect, various pieces of jargon used and thus, you need to be confident you know the kind of water dispenser you have opted for and why this is the right choice for you.

    To help you understand the pros and cons of each water dispenser type, we take an objective view of the various types on offer…

    The freestanding water dispenser ‘tower.'

    This is the type of dispenser you are probably most familiar with as for most people; this is the automatic option or the one that is supplied as per the terms and conditions by the water cooler company.

    They are bottle fed – they have a bottle sat on the top which will need changing over once it is empty to a full one – and can offer either chilled and room temperature water or, in some cases, can also offer hot and cold filtered water.

    They can also look aesthetically pleasing too. Many businesses like the white, clean-looking tower but for those that want something a little different, manufacturers are bringing to market bottle-fed machine that looks like what can only be described as space-age.

    Fresh and sleek, these freestanding water dispensers will either blend with your décor or stand out, capturing the attention of both staff and visitors alike.

    As great as these water dispensers are, there is one aspect of them that may be a nuisance – the floor space they take up.

    Not all business premises are blessed with acres of space, and the thought of shoehorning in yet another piece of furniture may not appeal. When this happens, the freestanding water-dispensing tower tends to be allocated space that is no convenient to get to. Thus, the use of the tower will diminish and dwindle.

    With the bottle on top – heavy when it is full – it is also not the easiest of items to move around and sometimes, as a business, you may need to move the water dispenser.

    There is a solution, and it comes in the shape of a counter-top water dispenser.

    The counter-top water dispenser

    When floor space is at a premium, the counter-top water dispenser most definitely holds many benefits:

    • Moveable – if you ever want to move the water dispenser about, the counter-top option is worth a second look. For example, you may have it perched on a countertop in the kitchen area but with a board meeting looming, you can always transport it to the meeting room to ensure that everyone stays hydrated and focused.
    • Space saving – there is no doubt that the counter-top water dispenser saves you valuable space in the main work area. It avoids the unfortunate shoe-horning of a freestanding dispensing tower being stuffed in a corner that no one can reach.
    • The same capacity – a counter-top water dispenser does not mean opting for a smaller version of the freestanding tower. Most, if not all of the counter top models have the same capacity water bottle feeding through the system. It’s just more compact without the pedestal.
    • Just as good looking… - if looks are important, then you will be pleased to know that just as you have different options when it comes to freestanding water towers, you also have a choice of colours with a counter-top dispenser too.

    Or how about a mains-fed water dispenser?

    Bottle-fed water dispensers, either the tower version or the counter-top models, are not the only option when it comes to supplying colleagues and staff with clean, filtered, delicious drinking water.

    You can opt for the plumbed-in version too. Fitted to your existing water supply, there are no bottles to change, just a continuous stream of filtered, chilled water fresh from the dispenser tap.

    Mains-fed water dispensers are perfect for workplaces or setting where there are large volumes of people and thus, the potential for a high volume of usage.

    Better still, there is still a choice with the mains-fed dispenser as to whether you want to opt for a tower standing-on-the-floor dispenser or opt for the counter-top version. The only real difference between this version and the bottle fed counter-top product is that it cannot be moved.

    Getting the best water dispenser is not difficult, especially now that you know which dispenser will be right for your business.

    See our range of countertop and freestanding mains fed water coolers.