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  • Get in The Rio Spirit By Bringing Football To Your Work Force in 2014

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    Get in The Rio Spirit By Bringing Football To Your Work Force in 2014

    With 2014 being the year of the World Cup, many people might take it upon themselves to set up a new office football team. And what better way to make a combined effort to stay healthy in the new year? After all, playing a sport might be a commitment people are more likely to stick to than going to the gym or cycling to work each morning. It’s fun, competitive, and there is always the potential of a post-match pint or curry (ok, now that part is not so healthy, but you get the idea!). If you want to get started on establishing your new work team, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind. First of all you will need to establish a regular training routine, if no-one is committed to training, the chances of you actually being able to put a team into a Sunday five-a-side league are slim at best. Next, you’ll have to make sure the new players in the team have their positions sorted out. You don’t want your players tripping over themselves as they go for the same ball! Similarly, establish a captain early. This might not necessarily be you, but if you’ve taken the lead on establishing the team in the first place, you’ve obviously shown some of the necessary leadership skills! It is also important not to consider your attire and equipment. You will need to have kits and bibs sorted out, and you will also need to consider things such as water bottles. After all, water is a vital component of keeping your ‘batteries’ charged in a sports environment. Water fits in to the training regime too, as we’ll explain. Whilst a training routine will obviously involve tactics, set plays and such forth, it is equally important to drill your team members in the need to keep themselves well hydrated with water before, during and after the games. With these few pointers you can start to get your team in place. You should keep plenty of water bottles to hand, which will help keep everyone on top form – but, at the end of the day, your success will depend on the skill of your team members, so try to pick more Gareth Bales than Ali Dias!