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  • Get Staff to Ditch Elevenses for a Refreshing Cup of Water

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    Get Staff to Ditch Elevenses for a Refreshing Cup of Water

    While you want to be a good boss and let your staff drink what they wish during the day, it will also be advantageous to try and get them to consume more water. The question is, how? Many people will be addicted to their elevenses or cans of pop, so might not be easily convinced to sacrifice their beverage of choice in favour of good old H 2O. Well, it all starts by having the logistics in place. If you only have a kitchen sink and tap for people to get their water from, they are far less likely to gulp down a cup of the crystal-clear good stuff. You’ll need a water cooler in place to try and draw them away from the sugary dark side, to the healthier world of fresh water. Once you’ve got a cooler in place, make sure you have it well stocked with cups. Have someone monitor when the cups get low, that way people will never have the excuse of, ‘oh well I was going to have water, but there were no cups left’. To tempt them to partake in more water consumption, why not invest in some low sugar natural cordials or teas. These will keep the benefits of water, but also provide a bit of variety for anyone who wants a bit more taste to their daily beverage. But why exactly should you get your staff drinking more water? Well, it is hugely beneficial in terms of keeping them hydrated, and water is surprisingly linked to helping cut down on depression and insomnia due to it providing the brain with some of the vital things it requires to fend off such ailments. Factors like that can effect workplace performance, so you could actually be benefitting the member of staff and the productivity of your workforce, simply by fitting a water cooler into your office and encouraging staff to drink more.

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