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  • Getting Back into Sport? Don't Forget Your Water!

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    Getting Back into Sport? Don't Forget Your Water!

    The spring season is perfect for returning to fitness. And getting fit is the fastest way to start feeling and looking good for the warmer months ahead! You'll find that the knock-on effects are incredible; everything from better sleep and clearer skin to calmer moods and greater positivity can be experienced as the effects of those endorphins start to kick in. However, it's important to remember to stay hydrated when you do start working out. One common mistake that new exercisers make is to opt for sugary sports drinks when they start going to the gym - the types of drinks that are typically sold in the gym vending machines no less! But ironically, these sugary formulations will simply undo your hard work, as they are packed with sugars, 'empty' calories and (more often than not) additives and chemicals. All you need to stay hydrated is basic water. Fill up in the office using bottled water coolers and carry a reusable plastic workout bottle or drink dispenser with you so that you can have the odd sip during your workout. You'll also find bottled water coolers in gym and leisure centre receptions. Remember that your body simply needs this water to operate effectively. If you drink expensive sports drinks, you will simply be taking in sugar, which your body will use for fuel instead of your stored fat. This is why commercial sports drinks can actually hamper your attempts to lose weight and tone up. The sugary content is also bad for your teeth. Remember that you can make your own sports drinks. All you need is some fruit juice diluted with water and a pinch of sugar and salt to replace nutrients lost after long, high-intensity periods of exercise. Good luck with your healthy new regime. You should start to see results after six weeks of healthy eating and exercise.