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  • Getting Colder? You Still Need to Drink Water!

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    Getting Colder? You Still Need to Drink Water!

    One of the biggest misconceptions about the colder weather is that it reduces your need to drink. Of course, this simply isn't true; there are in fact plenty of reasons to visit the bottled water coolers at work when the temperatures start to plummet! First, water plays an important role in your well-being. If you are adequately hydrated, your body can work effectively and efficiently and your immune system and detoxification systems function at their peak. This is very important in this cold season of bugs and germs. Drinking plenty of liquids will help you to fight off potential infections; try hot water with lemon and a spoon of manuka honey if you are feeling a little under par. The water will hydrate you and the lemon will provide vitamin C and an alkaline boost to the body, which is highly beneficial. The manuka honey will give you powerful antibacterial properties that will help to fight germs. This drink is wonderfully comforting on a cold day and is traditionally used to help soothe a sore throat. Another reason that water is very important in cold weather is that it helps to keep your natural detoxification systems in check. This includes your skin and liver; both of which can become rapidly stressed and compromised in the run-up to Christmas. If you are drinking alcohol at festive parties, you need plenty of natural water to help cleanse your system and support your liver as it expels toxins. Your skin will also benefit from being kept soft and moisturised as it deals with the stress of constantly changing atmospheres and dry, harsh weather. Herbal teas are a great choice for winter and will count towards your eight glasses of water a day. Remember, you'll still naturally sweat and expel water as you breathe, so it's easy to become dehydrated. If you're exercising, make sure you drink more an extra trip to the bottled water cooler should do the job.

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