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  • Getting More Water into Your Diet

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    Getting More Water into Your Diet

    We all know that we need to incorporate more water into our diets, but how can we do this with food? Well, we don't just get hydrated from the office water coolers - we obtain a large amount of our hydration through the food that we eat. That's vital to know because our bodies are made up of around 70 per cent H20 - and this balance needs to be maintained to support every aspect of our health, vitality and wellbeing. Water, water everywhere! Even solid foods such as energy-dense protein sources are made up predominantly of water, whilst foods such as fruit and vegetables are almost entirely water, with fibre, vitamins and minerals to boost your health! Start your day right So, to maximise your health, fill up a jug at the beginning of the day, either using the bottled water dispensers in your work kitchen, or by having regular cups of hot herbal tea. Then elect for plenty of water-rich fruits such as melons, citrus fruits, berries, apples, pears and plums. At lunch time, have a healthy salad with plenty of cucumber, tomato and leaves, or opt for vegetable soup on a cold day. Healthy food options Broths, soups, casseroles and even risottos are good water-rich options for dinner and all can be made very healthily. You might also like to experiment with juices and smoothies at home, but avoid overdoing it on these as they are rather high in sugar! If you're looking for a low calorie drink, then try cold water, ice cubes, mint leaves, fresh lemon and a little honey for a real pick-me-up - or experiment with freshly ground ginger and lemon for an alternative ginger beer! This could work very well with some soda water on a warm evening! Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.