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  • Give yourself a natural glow with nothing more than H2O

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    Give yourself a natural glow with nothing more than H2O

    Now whilst I must admit we have picked the title as it had a nice ring to it, it does have a lot of truth – we’re not talking snake oil here as we all know how important water is to our general wellbeing! Water is actually a very good way to give yourself a good skin complexion. There is no flashy marketing involved or glamorous models (who we all know have plenty of money to spend on expensive treatments whenever they feel), water is just water. Plain old H 2O. No gimmicks involved, just the science behind how your body works. Our bodies, as you will more than likely know, are predominantly made from water. This figure stands at around 60 odd percent, so yes we’re made in no small measure from water. The human skin is made up of an even higher level of water actually, so keeping it well hydrated is essential. The moisturisers you buy in store typically make the most of this natural water in our skin, keeping the water from the upper layers of our skin. These obviously do a job of giving your face and skin vitamins and minerals to keep them glowing, but actually if you try drinking enough water each day, you might find your skin begins to have a natural glow anyway. So over time you may be able to save yourself a few pounds too! Keep on top of your water consumption, especially in winter when your skin naturally gets dryer because of the harsher climate, and also boost this further with plenty of good healthy products such as fruit, vegetables and a little less of the bad stuff, coffee, alcohol and the like, which can actually make you become dehydrated – counteracting your new water based skin adventure! If you keep a constant supply of water nearby throughout the day, you’ll be able to combat the cold weather and constant in and out between warm offices and brisk breezes outside, with a glow upon your face!