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  • Goodbye 2013, Hello H20 and a Brighter 2014

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    Goodbye 2013, Hello H20 and a Brighter 2014

    Made it your New Year’s resolution to save money and get a bit healthier too? Well good for you, hopefully you have the dedication to see it through the whole year. With our little tip we’re about to impart, you may find it a lot easier than you first envisioned. Our tip revolves around one simple liquid, water. Yes, good old fashioned H2O. When thinking about saving money and getting healthy, this is the first thing that should come to mind. A lot of people will strut into the office with a take away coffee in their hands, probably a muffin stuffed secretly in their bag. Yes, treats are tempting, but in 2014, try replacing them with glasses of water instead. Swap your coffee for a bottle of crisp H2O and swap the muffin for a piece of fruit. In one quick swoop you’ve just saved yourself a wad of cash and gave yourself a healthier start to the day. Instead of nipping to the shop to pick up extra snacks during the day, why not ask the boss to incorporate a fruit box scheme into your workplace for the new year? Having these healthy snacks at hand will definitely help fight the temptation of cookies and chocolate bars. If you do go out a lunch, instead of having a crazy calorific 12 inch-long ham roll with all the trimmings, why replace this with a salad? Swap the cola or orange pop out for water again and once again you’ve created an easy way to help keep yourself healthy, and save a few pennies too! Make sure you drink around eight glasses of water a day – although this is only a rough estimate, it does give you a guide of what to aim for. Cut down the snacks and over indulgence in coffee too, and you may find keeping up with your New Year’s resolution quite a bit easier.