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  • Having Fun with H20: Exercising in Water

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    Having Fun with H20: Exercising in Water

    Looking to get fit for the warmer months ahead? You're not alone! Most of us find that our January resolutions fall by the wayside, but that the prospect of sunny days and summer holidays gives us that motivational boost we need to get fit and healthy again! So, how do you decide to go about exercising and how can water help you achieve your goals? First, you must drink as you exercise to maintain your water levels. The human body is two thirds water and this vital ingredient supports everything from brain function to bone health. Basically, no bodily function can take place without water, and if we aren't getting enough we soon start to feel it. Water can also help you get fit in other ways. For example, did you know that swimming is one of the best exercises for improving general fitness? Because you are supported in the water, your joints are protected and your muscles get a great workout. Swimming gives you a resistance workout as a well as a cardiovascular workout, and as such your heart and muscles are both being developed during this exercise. Swimming is also fun and you can take it at your own pace. It can work your whole body and the cool water will prevent you from getting too hot. Remember to stay hydrated though, as our bodies still sweat when we swim. You will find that most swimming pools have water coolers or bottled water dispensers on hand, or you could bring your own bottle from home. You may also want to try out an aqua aerobics lesson to work yourself harder whilst protecting your joints. These classes are great for people who are returning to fitness or those who are currently overweight, as well as for older people and new mums. Swimming is also a great way to keep fit with the family. Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.