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  • A Healthy Workforce is a Productive Workforce

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    A Healthy Workforce is a Productive Workforce

    Now the winter is well and truly upon us, it is inevitable that someone will come down with the sniffles and, before you know it, half the workforce is achoo’ing, sniffing or walking around like an extra in a zombie flick. Now while it is no guarantee of success, getting your workforce to increase their water consumption is a good way to try and cut down the spread of the dreaded lurgies over the winter months. It seems so simple really. But, a few cups of water throughout the day can be a great boon for the health of your workforce. Whilst many might shudder at the thought of cold water in the winter, there are ways to get around this. First and most simply of all, heat it up! Yes some warm water, perhaps in an herbal or green tea – or even in the form of the age-old recommendation honey and lemon remedy – can be a flavoursome way to consume the water required to keep your body, and your staff, in tip top condition throughout the winter months. You can also eat your water. This might seem a bit daft, and we’re certainly not suggesting you take a knife and fork to your cup of H 20, but you can instead encourage staff to eat some water-rich fruit, especially things such as citrus fruit which is also rich in Vitamin C – another vital way to combat colds over the winter. This also extends to certain soups and broth-like dishes too. As long as it is a vegetable based soup rather than being predominantly cream based – which can be very calorific. Ultimately as any boss can attest to, a healthy workforce is a productive workforce and any way in which you can help your team stay fit as a fiddle over the winter is always going to be beneficial for you and your business.