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  • Help Your Staff Embrace a Healthy New Year!

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    Help Your Staff Embrace a Healthy New Year!

    Most employers are keen to find ways to encourage their staff to embrace healthier working practices in the office. This can mean starting a variety of initiatives, such as biking-to-work schemes or subsidised gym passes, bringing health speakers or masseurs into the office, or simply encouraging a culture of healthier eating and drinking in the workplace. One very effective way to increase the health and well-being of your staff is to ensure that you have enough water coolers dotted around the office for them to use – and then encouraging everyone to drink plenty of water! You can also encourage your staff to enjoy non-caffeinated hot drinks at the hot water dispenser in the canteen, as these will provide similar health benefits to cold water. Why not conduct an office seminar on the benefits of water and install a staff forum to encourage ownership of a team health initiative? The team could put up informational posters, place great-tasting, non-caffeinated fruity teabags in the kitchen (to encourage people to drink less caffeine or sugary drinks) or build break-out and meeting areas around water dispensers to encourage people to get away from their desks every so often. You'll see a real difference in the office if you invest in the health of your staff by promoting the benefits of fresh water. You might notice fewer absences, and a reduced afternoon lull. Also try starting a fruit-box scheme to continue the good work, and ensure that healthy snacks are available in vending machines, if your office has them. Gather feedback on the initiatives and look for ways for them to be self-funding, or at least matched by you as the employer. You should recover your outlay by seeing less absence and ill-health in the workplace, where staff ought to become more energised, motivated and productive. Latest news from Waterlogic, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.