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  • Helping Your Staff Stay Healthy

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    Helping Your Staff Stay Healthy

    If your office sickness record is looking pretty poor, a drive to improve staff health and well-being might be overdue! There are plenty of avenues to look at, and encouraging your employees to drink more water is one quick and easy way to improve energy levels, concentration, health and overall well-being. You must first install proper facilities. You should consider putting a water cooler in the kitchen, as well as a bottled water cooler in reception or meeting areas. If you have operational or production areas, make sure there are adequate water coolers with cups available, as it's important that staff stay topped up. Encourage the use of healthy water consumption by providing an ice machine in hot weather and providing some herbal teas for the office. If everyone tends to drink coffee, you'll find that nerves are often jangling and the energy rush of the morning can be replaced by a real post-lunch dip. A cold drink of fresh water, or a natural herbal tea can be a great way to avoid this and encourage healthier behaviours in the office. You could even bring in a health worker to talk to your employees about the positive effects of drinking water and encourage them to even 'eat' more water by providing a fruit basket in the kitchen. There are various office catering providers that will offer flexible fruit baskets for offices during the week, or you could release some petty cash for a member of the team to head to the market and pick up some favourites for everyone! Alternatively, if it's a really hot day, a fresh fruit ice lolly can be a fantastic treat, whilst providing a pleasant form of hydration that contains no additives or fat. These can be made with fresh water and fresh juice mixes, which are then frozen into moulds.

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