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  • Hot Drinks? Make Your Own!

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    Hot Drinks? Make Your Own!

    When faced with a glass of cold water on a chilly day, most people think twice! After all, British weather is renowned for being cold and damp – and we’re massive tea drinkers. Sometimes nothing beats a hot drink. So, how can people find healthy and refreshing hot drink alternatives, rather than taking in sugar and caffeine via takeaway drinks? First, the choice to stop buying takeaway drinks throughout the day is an easy one, when you add up the cost, both in terms of your wallet and your health. Add up how much you are spending each month using a spending diary. Now allocate that cost across the year and assign 20% on top to account for taxes. You'll then be able to see how much of your salary is going on expensive and health-damaging drinks. Why health-damaging? Well, because coffee contains caffeine, which stresses the body. Most 'posh' commercial drinks, meanwhile, are packed with sugars. Remember that fancy syrups, chocolate sprinkles and marshmallows all translate into sugar and calories. In chilly weather, water coolers may not be an option – so why not head to the hot water dispenser or eco boiler in your office and stock up on herbal and fruit teas instead? Green tea is also incredibly healthy and you can buy your bulk packs from the supermarket and take a big mug to work! Try drinks such as mint, lemon, cinnamon, fennel, mixed fruit drinks and herbal blends. Barleycup is also an interesting alternative to coffee if you miss the taste. It's made from chicory rather than high-caffeine blends. Of course, it's fine to treat yourself to a cup of really good, fresh coffee now and again, but only in moderation! In just a few steps, you'll benefit from instant health and more money in your pocket. Remember to use the water coolers at work to fill a jug on your desk and make it special with lemon slices or mint if you're looking for a fancier mid-morning refreshment experience!

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