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  • How can I make the most of my office water cooler

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    How can I make the most of my office water cooler

    Purchasing or renting a water cooler from a reputable company is not hard work.

    They will discuss with you the various packages that you can go for which may include some of the following; free installation, a certain number of water bottles (if you choose the bottled water cooler) with free delivery, free cups and even servicing and maintenance. When thinking of installing a water cooler into your office or home, you have two main water cooler options. You can choose between either a mains fed water cooler or a bottle fed water cooler. A mains fed water cooler is connected to your buildings main water supply. This may limit where you place your water cooler but it provides an unlimited amount of water. A bottle water cooler is only connected to a power socket, meaning it can be easily relocated. Your bottles of water are supplied to you on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on your usage. No matter what type of water cooler you choose the water is always filtered helping to get rid of some of the harsh chemicals that are so often found in tap water such as chlorine. For a simple, easily installed machine, this is one piece of office equipment that shouldn’t be over looked. Getting the most out of your water cooler is easy. The key thing is to make sure it is maintained correctly. Regularly sanitisation your water cooler will help make sure that it stays hygienic. Just using something as simple as hot water and sanitizer or even a little bit of bleach is all it takes. When using a bottled water cooler it is recommended that the water bottles should be changed every six weeks, to help keep your water fresh. This advice is mainly for an office where the demand for the water cooler is quite low, and the water cooler is more likely to stand unused for long periods of time. Whenever you change your water bottle, just give your water cooler a quick clean, this will help you too stay on top of cleaning your water cooler by getting you into a routine. Water coolers have many added benefits, and to make sure you are getting the most out of you water cooler you should use it regularly. It is recommended that an adult drinks around 2 – 3 litres of water a day. Drinking more water is proven to help improve your overall health for example drinking five or more glasses of water a day may mean you are less likely to suffer from a heart attack or even heart disease. It also helps the body to maintain a healthy immune system by flushing out any toxins or bacteria that may have entered the body. One of the main reasons that many employers are keen to install a water cooler, is that by using it regularly you don’t just make the most out of your water cooler, you are also making the most out of your employees. Water rehydrates both the body and the mind meaning that your staff are less likely to become lethargic and distracted meaning they will work harder for longer.