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  • How Cool is the Cooler in your Office?

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    How Cool is the Cooler in your Office?

    The provision of clean drinking water, preferably cooled, in the workplace is something that will benefit not only employees but the business too. Hydrated employees are alert ones but, with so many pressures on profit margins and budgets, it can be difficult to justify the perceived ‘expense’. It could be argued that you can drink water from the tap but there are pros and cons to this; it may be free but it is not cooled, and neither does it taste as nice as filtered water. Many businesses have, in the past, always thought that the water cooler to be the place employees gathered to procrastinate, a bit like the kettle, but scientific studies have shown that places of work with water coolers have healthier employees, who are not only hydrated but drinking clean water, with no pollutants or toxins.

    Avoid crash and burn

    Many larger corporations or managed office blocks have, in the past, included a self-service snack area; pop your money in and out falls a calorie-laden snack, or a fizzy drink full of sugar. On one hand, the effervescence of a sparkling soft drink can refresh the palate. The sugar rush may be needed to get through the remainder of the day, but the big drop in energy levels on the other side is not welcome.

    More and more businesses are realising that looking after their staff is more than just offering counselling or away days. The simplest of provisions – such as the water cooler – can be perfect for a happier, healthier workforce but there is always aesthetic appeal to consider too.

    Which water cooler?

    There are many brands. There are many types. There are many sizes too and, there are some that look like a work of art, but others that look ugly and unappealing.

    It may be, on the surface, just a tap from which cold water is dispensed as and when required but, you want it to be the right water cooler for your office space, so what are the options?

    Option 1 – plumbed in

    Some are standalone units but many companies are biting the bullet and opting for plumbed in water coolers. Essentially, this means that the cooler is fixed in its one spot and does not have the large bottle sitting atop of the unit.

    In this sense, if you have a larger office or the water cooler is in more or less constant use, a plumbed in unit is great because there is no fear of running out of water. It draws water in the same way as when you open a tap, but cools and filters the water too, in some cases. It means no company coming to deliver water bottles and so on, and with a growing range of options, you can get something that looks stylish and fits your décor.

    Please see Angel Springs selection of Plumbed in or Mains-Fed Water Coolers.

    Option 2 – standalone units

    These are the units that are not plumbed in and have the large bottle of water standing on top of the unit. Some units have two taps; one for room temperature water and the other for a cooled option.

    They will need to be plugged in to the mains in order for the cooling unit to work and this can be a disadvantage in some cases, as where it is placed is limited.

    However, if floor space is limited there are table top options too and again, there are a whole range of brands and manufacturers that produce some great looking units.

    No longer do they have to be white and rather cumbersome looking. There are many now in classic black, with a dash of chrome that stops the water cooler standing out as the only non-fancy dressed guests at a fancy dress party.

    The only down side, if this is a real one or not, is that someone has to change the water bottle when it has run out. It is not an onerous task, takes seconds to complete and no one is any the wiser.

    Option 3 – High volume

    There are some workplaces that have a large number of employees ranging from 50 to thousands and, as a result, there will need to be water coolers dotted about in many different places. You don’t want the water station to become the new place to stand and idly gossip, but you want and need your staff to be hydrated and healthy thus, the provision of high volume, and more than one water cooler is essential.

    One unit with an 18 litre bottle will service up to 75 comfortably, without needing to change the bottle every few days.

    Are you thinking of investing in a water cooler?

    Your employees will thank you for it but there are additional considerations to the three options mentioned above. Have you, for example, considered the addition of a hot water boiler, as well as a cold water dispenser? Think how much time could be saved not waiting for a kettle to boil… For more info about our office coolers and water boilers – Click here