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  • How Get Into the Habit of Drinking Water Regularly

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    How Get Into the Habit of Drinking Water Regularly

    While many of us say we will try and drink more water each week, for many the habit is easily broken and instead of drinking water we’ll revert to drinking another cup of coffee or a drink of pop. If you follow these tips, however, you should find it easier to keep up a regular water drinking habit. Of course one of the first questions on many lips is how much water should we drink? Unfortunately there is no concrete answer, so whilst once upon a time people would say you must drink seven glasses of water a day, nowadays it is seen as a lot more flexible and dependent on the individual, their environment, and their level of activity. You really need to consider your weight, height and other such factors to have an idea of how much water you should drink. Bear in mind that you should not just start knocking back the glasses of H2O when you feel thirsty, you should, instead, drink small amounts at regular interviews. This is exactly the reason why a water drinking habit is so important, if you leave it until you are thirsty, then the chances are you have already left it too late. Keep a bottle, glass, or cup of water with you. Once you’ve drunk the water from your vessel of choice, just make sure you top it up again. If you’re busy and liable to forget, set an alarm on your phone or a reminder on your computer – you will definitely know you need to drink up when your own computer is telling you to drink more water! If you’re a real stickler for efficiency and monitoring your level of water consumption, you can even track it by making a log or water drinking diary. As outlined at the outset, many of us our guilty of swapping water for another beverage. To get out of that habit, do exactly the opposite. Swap your coffee for elevenses with water Who knows? By cutting out your coffee, you might cut out a few too many biscuits and help keep your calories down too! Just a few steps here and there can really help you form the habit you need to keep drinking water regularly. Latest news from Angel Springs, leading UK supplier of office water dispensers, bottled and mains-fed water coolers and eco boilers.