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  • How much water should you drink a day?

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    How much water should you drink a day?

    There is considerable debate over the amount of water that an individual should drink in a given day. The general wisdom from the health industry has tended towards the magical 'eight glasses a day', but for every health practitioner that recommends this approach as a sure-fire route to health and vitality, there's another suggesting that it makes no measurable difference to overall wellbeing. There is little doubt that, from a health perspective, water is essential to life, health and vitality. Without regular supplies we become lethargic, tired, 'under par' and slowly become ill. Conditions such as urinary infections can be made worse through a lack of water, as can liver problems. Water is one of the greatest detoxifying agents the body uses and is integral to its every function. In fact, around two thirds of our bodies are made up of water. A regular supply of water is essential for good health, concentration, energy and vitality. Whether it comes from water coolers or is warmed by a hot water dispenser, it's essential to get a regular supply. The 'eight glasses' maxim roughly equates to a litre, which for the average adult is a basic level for maintaining hydration. However, bear in mind that hot weather and exercise will rapidly increase your requirements. Simply drinking large amounts of water at infrequent intervals won't be beneficial. It will overload your system and leave you feeling bloated. Aim, instead, to sip small amounts throughout the day. Avoid high quantities of tea and coffee, both of which act as a diuretic and encourage your body to release water. Instead, opt for cold, fresh water with a slice of lemon for additional flavour and combine this with herbal teas which are natural and make the most of fresh hot water. Ultimately, we are all different. You'll know you've found your optimum water intake level when you see the results: good energy, focus, glowing skin and clear eyes.

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