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  • How to Encourage Staff to Drink More Water

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    How to Encourage Staff to Drink More Water

    Good hydration can improve the health, energy and productivity of workers - but how can you encourage your staff to drink more water? First, it helps to have the right kit in place. Some staff won't want to drink water directly from the tap, so install a bottled water dispenser or water cooler in the office kitchen, break-out areas and reception. Also look to install water coolers near any production, manufacturing or logistics area. This is vital as physical movement greatly increases the need for hydration. Make sure that wherever you have a bottled water dispenser handy for staff and customers to use, there are also cups available. So many dispensers don't get adequately used because there aren't any cups to drink from. For desk-bound staff, 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day should be sufficient, but for those who are physically active, or when it's hot and sunny outside, a little more should be recommended. Why not encourage staff to drink more water by installing information posters around the office? Place an array of tempting cordials and herbal tea bags in the kitchen and encourage regular breaks for staff to leave their desks for a few minutes, stretch their legs and get some water. Office culture is a huge driver of habits, whether healthy or otherwise, so you could tie the water promotions into a wider healthy focus for your staff and maybe start putting on healthier canteen meals, stocking the vending machine with fruit or teaming up with a local gym to offer promotions. Lead by example, too. If the boss can talk about his intention to start being healthier in the office in the weekly staff newsletter or during a meeting, this can have a powerful effect on team members. It could even start a trend!

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