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  • How to Get Your Staff Interested in Drinking More Water

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    How to Get Your Staff Interested in Drinking More Water

    We’ve written at length about the benefits that bottled water coolers can bring to your workplace. A well-hydrated workforce is a healthy workforce – if your staff drink more water, they will feel more alert and may have fewer sick days. This is because water lies at the foundation of human health, and common problems such as headaches, fatigue, aching muscles and lack of concentration are often simply down to dehydration. And water coolers aren’t just for offices – employees who work in manual or physically demanding jobs are particularly at risk. But how can you encourage staff to use your workplace’s new water coolers? Well, a good first step is to make sure there are water points installed all around the premises and to flag them with signs. You could also try starting a health group in the office to look at initiatives and schemes to improve office health, alongside increasing water consumption. You might want to provide sugar-free cordials along with glasses and ice cubes to encourage staff to indulge in a healthy treat – and perhaps provide a fruit basket too, for extra well-being points! Encouraging your staff to take a ten-minute break and recharge whilst having a healthy drink can also bring real benefits to your business and ensure that they return from the water cooler feeling energised and ready to get on with their work. Try installing chairs and meeting spaces around drinking points – this way, any impromptu office meetings are more likely to occur around the healthy water source. Remember, too, that hot water is also healthy when it's used to make non-caffeinated drinks. The payoff should hopefully be visible in your team’s productivity, enthusiasm and attendance, and in a general feeling of life and energy around the office. You might be amazed by the results.