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  • How to stay hydrated - without it becoming a chore!

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    How to stay hydrated - without it becoming a chore!

    There are many things that we should do more of to remain in tip top condition from eating more veg and fruit, cutting down on sugars, washing behind our ears and visiting the dentist more often. Just because we are told we should, and we know that we should be doing these things does not mean that we want to do them. Drinking more water is something that we know we should be doing. In fact, we are reminded on an almost daily basis with media reports and online hints and tips websites that water is the elixir of life. Drinking more of it could help us look healthier and younger, with plumper skin and luscious hair, as well as just making us feel a whole lot better. But then there are articles that tell us the eight glasses a say advice is a fable. And nothing more.

    There is no denying the benefits of water

    We are, after all, mainly water. Our brain, arguably the most important organ in the body, is primarily water. We consistently use up our internal water supplies, by breathing and sweating to keep us cool.

    It makes sense to ensure that our hydration level are topped up to prevent us from the upper part of the physical and mental performance.

    And so, we add it to the list of what we should be doing more of on a daily basis.

    Within lies the problem

    It can be a chore, a nuisance and a thing that is quickly forgotten. Drinking more water sounds great, but when you are busy, rushing about here and there, the thought of drinking more water not only seems impossible to fit in but also the need to accommodate more toilet visits too.

    There are ways of not doing a chore but it all rests on using some clever psychological tricks:

    • Set a timer reminder

    When we are busy, we become focused on the task at hand and quite rightly so. However, this means that we can forget other essential tasks, like a result, with drinking being one of them.

    Just like we have deadlines and reminders in everyday life – from birthdays and anniversaries to deadlines at work – setting a reminder to take a sip or two of water is a good thing. Have a reminder pop up on your smartphone or your desktop that it’s time to take a glug.

    Worried about all those trips to the toilet – you may find that the urge and frequency to pee is reduced as you drink more water. The bladder can become inflamed and irritated when it has to process highly concentrated urine when the body is dehydrated and so, diluting urine by drinking more water can decrease urgency to visit the loo.

    • Habit

    The more you do something, the more of a habit and routine that it will become and thus, it will just become an accepted part of every day.

    Psychologically, they say that for something to become a habit, you need to repeat the process at least seven times. So, after a week of drinking a little more water every day, it will become second nature.

    • Add flavour

    Before you go running out and buy expensive flavoured water of sugar-filled cordial, think again. The best characters to add water are natural ones, so a slice of lemon or lime (or both) along with strawberries and other fruits is an excellent idea.

    There are many suggestions on-line for how you can make water taste different, including freezing flavour into ice cubes to add more zing and sparkle that way. Herbs make a great addition to water, try adding mint, for example.

    • It’s all in the eye

    They say that we eat with our eyes first and our stomach second; this remains true when it comes to water. So, recycle the old, scratched and rather dilapidated looking bottle and opt for some new, bright colour, modern and trendy bottles and cups!

    • Eat it

    Sounds an odd suggestion but 20% of the hydration we need every day comes from the food we eat. The trick is to identify water-rich foods and include them in your diet; opt for watermelon, cucumber, carrots, and tomatoes to name just four. Fruit-based sauces and salsa are also a great way of adding more hydration too.

    • Use the water cooler at work

    Your employer should be providing you with safe water to drink and, if you haven’t visited the water cooler yet, you need to join the water cooler gang!