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  • How water can dramatically improve your productivity

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    How water can dramatically improve your productivity

    Productivity – how much we do in a day… let’s consider what we do in a given 24 hours: it can be an endless round of rushing, school runs, work, rushing, picking up from school, rushing and, sometimes an unwelcome hic-cup to the specified routine can leaves us all feeling a little frazzled. And yet, as humans, we are innately tuned to keep driving ourselves forward, to keep reaching for bigger and better things. This in itself, is not a bad thing. But, within tis quagmire of responsibility and drive, the need to increase our productivity and achievements within a day, week, month or year can leave us feeling a little bereft, run down and adrift.

    Simple solutions mean so much

    And yet, all around us is the elixir of life. It is a simple structure, possibly one of the simplest known to man: a transparent liquid, it is odourless and in its most natural form, tasteless. Consisting of two hydrogen atoms attached to a lone oxygen atom, liquid water is an extraordinary substance. As one scientific headline states, water is not a bit player in life, but the main headline.

    Human cells need water to function and yet, many of us overlook how and when we include water in our day and so, as we seek to maintain momentum and improve productivity, it seems that the answer is staring us in the face – we need to drink more water.

    Hatch a plan!

    So, before you reach for the painkillers to numb the headache that has been troubling you all day, or book a GP appointment to talk about your low mood and dizzy spells, why not take a look at how water can help you in living life to the full…

    • Fatigue buster and energy booster – forget energy drinks with caffeine for the ‘boost’ you say you need, simply keeping your body hydration levels topped up can be a huge step forward to maintain energy levels through the day, and fighting off fatigue. Productivity in work and life required focus and concentration, something that is difficult to do with a headache, yawning, tiredness and general feeling below par.
    • Weight maintenance and loss – reducing fat intake, and keeping an eye on the calories is something we all need to do, but when you are feeling ‘hungry’, what do you do? Reach for a healthy snack or reach for a glass of water? Studies have shown that for many people, they confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger so before reaching for the fruit bowl, drink a glass of water.
    • Gets rid of nasty stuff – toxins are all around us; we consume them physically, as well as inadvertently breathing them in and so, our hard-working organs need some help. Water is that liquid that can grab all these toxins and help the body to flush them out of the system. This, of course, makes us feel much better and - hey presto! - your productivity levels rise as a result.
    • The skin- there is a saying that the skin, the biggest organ of the body, has a habit of showing us (and the world!) our inner state in terms of health; if your skin is poor and complexion dull, you will find that drinking more clean, fresh water is beneficial, the results of which will surpass results from any anti-aging treatment!
    • Regularity – your ‘system’ is constantly working; the breakfast you ate, it is processing as you work. The working lunch and the delights of your evening meal, along with all the other bits and bobs through the day are being consumed and processed by your system. Our inner workings are a constant whirl, as are we, so why not reward it by making its function easier, by drinking more water? You will feel better and, this affects your productivity.
    • Immune system – and as well as processing everything you throw at it, your body is also protecting you from the germs and infections that are around it every day, all of the time. Water won’t stop you being ill but, keeping your system hydrated with water, making sure you look after yourself, will mean less days off work, less down time and less lost productivity.
    • Headaches! – do you have a friend, relative or colleague that constantly complains of headaches? Do they have a supply of various painkillers? Do you see them drink water? The likelihood is that the vast majority of dull, throbbing headaches we have are a sign of the onset of dehydration. Drink water, regularly, throughout the day and these headaches may no longer exist!
    • Cramps and sprains – water if the body’s lubricant and it doesn’t have enough, it will use it to keep the core of itself working, meaning that muscles and ligaments will be last on the list; they will have just enough to keep them moving but, they are not as elastic. Playing hard sports means that ligaments and muscles can be starved quickly of hydrating fluid; the answer is simple… more water!
    • Mood – no one would suggest that water is the cure for all mental health issues but, if you feel your mood suddenly ‘sag’ for no apparent reason, it could be your brain is struggling because it is not as hydrated as it should be.

    It is just good stuff – from the office water cooler, from the tap or bottled at source, water is an all-round good liquid that is essential for every human body… and yet, so many of us ignore it!