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  • How Water Cooler Services Compliment Facilities Management Managers

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    How Water Cooler Services Compliment Facilities Management Managers

    There are many factors that need to be taken into account when running and growing a business. As a company gathers customers, employees and profits, some of the factors involved in running work sites become ever complex. Growth can mean that the business site is spread over more than one base or, the growth of the workforce may mean that some of the facilities on offer no longer have the capacity to serve everyone. As a result, many companies employ facilities, managers. These are the people who make sure that everything is done that is needed to keep a work site safe and clean, as well as fit for purpose. They are the people that fix the leaking tap, change the light bulb and make sure that all other facilities meet with laws and regulations. But they have a broader remit too – health and safety. There are many guidelines, many laws and rules that must be followed and one is sanitation. Within this general heading is everything from toilets, to hand washing facilities and, increasingly necessary, the provision of safe, clean drinking water.

    But, how can our service support and bolster the facilities management team?

    There are some aspects of maintaining a safe working environment that can be outsourced and one is the provision of drinking water.

    Angel Springs is a company that provides water coolers – both mains fed and bottle fed – and instant hot water boilers to companies across the country. However, it is not just a case of rolling up, plugging in the water cooler and placing a water reservoir on top – there are other considerations that need to be taken into account.

    And all these factors can be looked after by Angel Springs;

    Health and safety, for example, is important. And with water, there are many health and safety considerations. Water is a benign substance. Nevertheless, it is essential to health. However, it does not take much for water-borne bacteria to take hold of a seemingly innocent bottle of water. Stagnant water is not always the smelly, pond water that we assume it is.

    Water coolers and boilers need to be kept hygienically clean, and this is something that as part of a contract, Angel Springs check and maintain on a regular basis.

    Health and safety are also paramount in the safe working of water coolers and boilers. Both are plugged into mains electricity – one cools the water as well as filters it, and the other heats the water so that the water remains at the optimum temperature for both tea and coffee making. Should there be an issue with the equipment, they could become unsafe for use. Facilities managers will not welcome another task to they're already long list of equipment and items to be maintained. But. Angel Springs maintain equipment too.

    Health and safety are a consideration in terms of placement too. You don’t, after all, want to place the water cooler in a place that is unsafe for people to use it. At the top of the stairs is a bad idea and neither should a water cooler be put in or too near a bathroom facility.

    Working together

    The facilities manager will work with many companies who provide all kinds of equipment and substances within the company. Some will be provided on the primary site, but others will need coordinating for other locations within the company.

    Maintenance is a key role of a facilities team, as it the maintenance of health and safety. Working in partnership with other companies is important, and Angel Springs are more than aware of the pressure placed on the facilities management team.

    As well as providing crucial maintenance and sanitation health check visits, Angel Springs realise the importance of planning advance visits and maintain the provision of clean drinking water at a level that surpasses all regulations and guidance.

    But, why not tap water?

    There are times when tap water is not available. There are times when tap water is not safe to consume large amounts of. There are people who are not keen on the chemical taste of tap water and yet, a company needs to maintain the provision of clean drinking water for its employees.

    There are many benefits to a hydrated workforce, and there are more and more companies who are looking to help their employees maintain their health and well-being. The provision of cooled, delicious water is one of them.

    But, there can be problems and issues that can affect the delivery of water and thus, companies such as Angel Springs are relied upon to provide the solutions.