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  • How water coolers can make your employees more productive

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    How water coolers can make your employees more productive

    Many people associate offices to be either too hot due to stuffy environments, or too cold and dry due to air conditioning, both of these conditions can play a part in the body becoming dehydrated. It is a well known fact that water is a necessity in life. The human body is made up of between 55 per cent and 78 per cent water, depending upon your body size. Your muscles consist of 75 per cent water, and your brain is made up of 90 per cent water. So, from these statistics it is easy to see and understand why the recommended daily allowance of water is 2 – 3 litres. As the majority of adults work around 8 hours a day, having fresh clean drinking water at work is needed if you are to meet your daily intake of water. Many people may question why providing drinking water at work is important and one of the main reasons is because it makes your employees more productive, whilst helping them to stay healthy and be alert In order for you to achieve a more productive work force it may be as simple as installing a water dispenser. Water dispensers are a more efficient way of supplying drinking water to your staff. One of the many benefits is that water dispensers strip away any impurities, and any harsh chemicals such as chlorine, providing fresh, clean and safe drinking water which is so often taken for granted. There are two types of water dispenser on offer a mains fed water dispenser and a bottled fed water dispenser. Mains fed water dispensers supply water through the building’s main water supply but filter it through the filtration system, which can be found in the machine. A Bottled water dispenser is supplied with pre-bottled water that means the water has already been filtered. Fresh water bottles are supplied on either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on your level of usage. One of the main reasons why more employers are supplying their staff with a water dispenser system is that it has been proved that a more hydrated workforce is a more productive work force. Being hydrated increases both physical and mental performance and can improve your employees overall efficiency. Dehydration can lead to many things, such as, feeling dizzy and tired and suffering from headaches. Another benefit of installing a water dispenser in your office is that by supplying your employees with drinking water, it will help them fight off these symptoms, which can inevitably lead to a decline in work production, and in the long run can also help them to stay healthier by enabling them to fight off other illnesses such as the flu. Everybody wants warmer weather and with summer being just around the corner, you may already be thinking of the hot office environment. By installing a water dispenser it helps your staff lower their body temperature by enabling them to drink cold water. Water dispensers whether it is an Angel Springs mains fed water dispenser or a bottle water dispenser can supply both cold water and room temperature water. A water dispenser will help make you staff more comfortable and much more productive.