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  • How your family can benefit from the use of a water cooler

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    How your family can benefit from the use of a water cooler

    For most of the country, there has been insecurity when it comes to their family drinking water from the tap; more so when previous allegations were made of the chlorine levels in the water; many chose to drink the bottled water. What about a water cooler in the home? Some would find it unusual to find a water cooler somewhere like the home, when we are so used to seeing them in the workplace office, but what benefits does having one hold for a family? Well, to begin – it would be a lot cheaper than having to buy bottles of water every day of the year. If you think about how much a 2l bottle of water costs from the supermarket 60p a bottle; you stand to spend £219 a year approx.   A basic bottle-less water dispenser will be able to save you a lot of money to spend on something else. There is a huge health benefit included in buying a water cooler for the family – when the water is going through the Water Treatment Facilities across the country; the water goes through many stages of water treatment in order to clear out the impurities that return with it. The water contained in water coolers goes through a carbon based filter, drawing out the chlorine and other bad chemicals that are found in the water mains so that your family are in less of a threat whilst drinking water. Water coolers are available in various brand, types – bottled, mains fed or counter top  – and also vary in sizes, which means that families who are money conscious or are not sure what kind they want are able to browse around in shops or online and be able to find the type that they feel is best; of course there is no difference in the process of water filtering, its more about water type and size you want will determine the overall price of the unit itself.   It is because of their bespoke design that means when you come to buying your own for the whole family, it is easy enough to try and find one that has a similar colouring or design features that it can blend into the room you want it in without becoming too much of an eyesore for you when you have guests over. Water coolers are very family friendly – they are built with smooth edges and stable.  The filtering system is hidden behind the front so no small fingers can fiddle or get caught in it, and the only thing that children would need to do is push the button for the water to come out straight into their cups for a fresh and healthier drink.