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  • Hydrate your staff with an office water cooler

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    Hydrate your staff with an office water cooler

    Hydrating your staff can mean they feel motivated, alert and energetic. It will not only benefit them, but also your business and the quality of the work produced. The effects of not drinking enough water can leave you lethargic, which isn’t a good prospect for any member of your team. According to ehow.com many people live in a state of dehydration and don’t realise it. The official recommendation is 8-10 glasses of water per day, which should be spread across the whole day. Not only does dehydration affect you at work, it can also result in underlying health problems that you may not necessarily associate with your irregular drinking pattern. Installing a water cooler in your office will automatically encourage your employees to drink more water just by being there. Better hydration is also said to boost concentration levels, productivity and even decrease sickness and absence days from your staff, so you are not only allowing your staff to be more efficient, but also keeping them fit and healthy If you still aren’t convinced, you may be able to locate a company that will allow you to trial a water cooler in your office. Then you can see the results for yourself before committing to a monthly package. Not only does a water cooler benefit your staff, but it looks professional to clients and customers, as well as providing them with an easy access source to a refreshing drink without having to be made uncomfortable by asking for one. Water coolers can be tailored to your office and space availability. They can be stand-alone bottled water or be mains fed, under the sink or counter top. If you are concerned about glass availability, many companies can supply you with disposable cups or sports water bottles alongside your cooler. If you think your staff will waste the water or it may not be used as often as you like, some companies also offer a pay as you go tariff, where you pay for the water that you use each month, limiting waste of water and money. By telling the company your space, staff numbers and budget, you can tailor your package around your company, making sure that you don’t pay for water that is going unused each month. Choose a company that is prepared to negotiate services and prices to tailor your monthly cost to your business, by choosing a company with free delivery and installation, it will also mean that you are left hassle free in the process.