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  • Hydrating for the Summer

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    Hydrating for the Summer

    The prospect of a warm, sunny summer often fills people with the resolve to lose a few pounds for the beach; after all, swimwear is meant to be worn with pride! Yet summer can be a difficult time to stick to a healthy eating regime. Despite the wide availability of salads and fruits, there are also plenty of delicious barbecues, cocktails and ice-creams to enjoy. Did you know that hydration plays a key role in health and weight loss? In fact, making sure that you fill up a 1.5 litre jug from one of the office water coolers each morning can help you stick to your healthy eating goals, seeing results in little time. That's because the symptoms associated with dehydration are often mistaken as those for hunger, so people tend to eat food when what they actually need is water. Drinking plenty of freshly chilled water from bottled water dispensers also helps people feel full, plus it can do wonderful things for your skin and energy levels. Avoid downing loads of water all at once, though, as this can be dangerous. Instead, sip at water throughout the day and replace caffeine drinks with healthy sugar-free cordials, herbal teas, green teas or simply chilled water with ice cubes and lemon. Avoid alcohol, which dehydrates you and strips vitamins from your body, as well as adding plenty of unwanted calories to your daily diet. You'll find that drinking plenty of water also cleanses your palette and fresh, unsweetened foods will start to taste more tempting and delicious. As another motivational tip for the diet-conscious, drinking icy cold water can also speed up your metabolism, as your body will be working to bring the water up to its core temperature. Thus, there are numerous reasons why your healthy new regime will help you feel full, look good and be on top form for the summer ahead.

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