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  • Hydration is important throughout the year

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    Hydration is important throughout the year

    When the temperatures are at their extremes, both in summer and winter, it pays to ensure you look after your staff. This means ensuring that they're working in appropriate temperatures, with the right kit, proper facilities and plenty of available water, whether that's from a bottled water cooler, a mains fed water cooler and a water boiler or kettle for hot drinks.

    Hydration is one of the most important aspects of health and well-being and everyone needs to drink around two litres of water a day to stay at optimum hydration.

    The effects of being even slightly dehydrated are common and include tension headaches, fatigue, listlessness, a feeling of impaired concentration, dry skin and eyes, poor digestion and more.

    Conversely, ensuring your staff have the facilities to make plenty of healthy drinks means you should see a real upturn in employee well-being. Hydrated staff are energised and alert, enabling them to work more effectively.

    Help to maintain the well-being of your staff by putting a bottled water cooler in key areas – not just in the kitchen and conference rooms, but close to working areas – particularly for staff who work in physical jobs.

    Working in a physical capacity greatly increases your need for water, especially during hot weather.

    Provide plenty of cups and mugs for preparing drinks and perhaps make herbal tea bags available to help encourage staff to cut down on coffee and caffeinated drinks.

    Coffee provides a short burst of energy that rapidly gives way to lethargy and concentration problems. Drinking an excess of caffeine is bad for health, so healthy herbal and fruit teas are an excellent alternative.

    Also be sure to encourage staff to go and have a drink and get away from their desks.

    The pay-off to the company itself will be seen in greater overall productivity and improved staff well-being.

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