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  • The Importance Of Creating A Healthy Company Culture And How To Improve It

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    The Importance Of Creating A Healthy Company Culture And How To Improve It

    Every single organisation, from large corporations to small businesses, has a culture. This company culture refers to the attitudes and values of employees in the organisation or business. In a company with an unhealthy culture, the employees behave as individuals, doing their duties to satisfy their requirements, such as health benefits or a paycheck. A healthy company culture values each and every employee in the business irrespective of his job duties that result in the employees working as a team to satisfy the organisation’s and their individual needs. Healthy company culture enhances the performance of an organisation in certain areas.

    1. Employee Retention

    In a business which values the workers for their contribution to the company, the employees usually experience a positive attitude and high morale toward the company. Employees having a positive outlook are loyal to the company, which minimises the employee turnover. Employee turnover has a high cost to a company, with increased expenses for recruitment, hiring as well as training. A healthy company culture can assist a business retain the valuable employees and also lessen the human resources expenses.

    1. Reputation

    Businesses having a healthy company culture gain a positive reputation amongst the potential employees, which can attract skilled and talented workers to the company. Besides attracting top-quality workers, a good business reputation enables the business to charge a higher cost for the products and services and enhances the company’s value in the financial market. Customers might prefer to do business having a solid reputation as well.

    1. Productivity

    The enhanced morale of employees in an organisation with a healthy company culture will increase productivity. When the workers increase the productivity, the organisation’s financial health improves, and thus profits increase. Improvements in productivity are a measure that illustrates the effectiveness and efficiencies in the business. The workers benefit from improvements in productivity with increased salaries in the employee well-being programs.

    1. Quality

    Healthy company culture encourages the employees to deliver quality services and products. Businesses with cultures which value the highest standards will create an environment for the employees to deliver products which satisfy those high standards. These cultural standards for excellence happen to be an essential factor for generating a service or product reputed for high quality.

    Here are various ways of improving company culture:

    1. Assess the Present Situation

    In order to ascertain how to enhance your culture, you must take a look at the present culture. Walk into the business as though you were entering it for the very first time. What do you observe? Is it tidy? Is the lighting sufficient? Do the carpets need to be cleaned or the walls painted? Observe the employees after taking a look at the environmental aspects. Are they communicating with each other with a frown or a smile? How is their body language? The manner in which the employees interact with other employees and your clients will tell you volumes regarding how they feel about the organisation as a whole. You simply require observing and listening. During this particular evaluation, take a look at your corporate guidelines and the present employee handbook. Are these policies or procedures outdated?

    1. Promote from within

    Offering the workers access to a training program which in turn enables them to advance will increase both loyalties as well as retention. This can also result in customer loyalty. By promoting from within, you can gain loyalty as well as longevity. In case your staff knows that your company culture will first look inside before hiring for a particular position, they will work harder for achieving the skills required for advancement.

    1. Provide flexible work schedules

    The workers should be provided with a flexible start as well as end times and also opportunities to work from their home. Some businesses do hesitate at providing flexible schedules particularly a work from home option because of the misconception that these employees would be less efficient.

    1. Establish a relaxed dress code

    In the past, all organizations required their workers to put on a suit and tie. Apart from a few industries, such as finance banking, and real estate, you will struggle to find that outfit in an office at present. A relaxed dress code will allow the workers to feel more at ease while working. An extra benefit to the employees is cost savings concerning dry cleaning bills and clothing purchases.