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  • Installing a water cooler can save you money, how?

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    Installing a water cooler can save you money, how?

    Water is a valuable source to the human body and brain; Our body weight comprises of sixty to seventy percent of water, and eighty five percent of brain tissue is water. For this reason an adequate intake of water is vital and an insufficient amount could lead to detrimental effects on our health and could potentially leave the body de-hydrated. We are constantly reminded of the health benefits of water, though what people may not know, is how water can affect the bigger picture; helping work and home life as well as saving you money. The most efficient way to consume water in the fast paced environment of today's modern world is through water coolers; this method of water distribution is becoming increasingly common for various reasons. Businesses who must cater for a work force will know research is essential before making any financial decisions, it is important to discover the best value option where possible. Providing water as refreshment in the working environment in most cases is a legal requirement; the business savvy are increasingly investing in the installation of water coolers to provide thirst quenching refreshment. Water coolers provide cold, and more importantly; a safe and pure solution to hydration.. The well being of employees is essential and intensive research shows the contentment and personal satisfaction of a workforce directly effects productivity in a positive way and increases revenue. The employees and employers therefore prosper; water coolers directly and indirectly contribute to this. Before investing in water coolers it is firstly necessary to establish the importance of water; is it entirely essential to possess a water cooler? And is the notion of drinking eight glasses of water a day simply a myth concocted by counterfeit health experts? The answer is simple; water prevents attaining many illnesses as well as dehydration which can lead to many ailments such as constipation, muscles weakness, headache, and tiredness. The best form of prevention is to remain hydrated, it is essential to have sufficient amounts of drinking water throughout the day available to staff. Water intake maintains blood volume in the body which prevents blood thickening, therefore reducing the risk of cardiovascular or heart diseases and reduces the threat of high blood pressure and heart attacks. The list of positive effects water has on our health is immense; research shows drinking water regularly minimizes the chances of colon cancer by 45%, and breast cancer by 75%.