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  • Instant Water Boilers – Suitable for EVERY workplace?

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    Instant Water Boilers – Suitable for EVERY workplace?

    Instant hot water boilers provide hot water at the touch of a button or the pull of a tap. They are convenient for both home and office. With the technology behind these hot water boilers becoming ever more sophisticated, their consumption of energy is lower and far more efficient than boiling a kettle, over and over again. This means they are now an affordable option for all business, of all sizes. Providing your workforce with access to safe, clean drinking water is not optional; it is the law that you must provide it, as well as allow access to it. You must also provide facilities for people to make and enjoy food which technically could include access to and use of a kettle or hot water boiler. Kettles can be expensive to run in a workplace, although you may not realise this. The humble domestic kettle is not meant for large commercial situations as they are a piece of kit designed with the domestic setting mind. But there are other reasons why hot water boilers are beneficial for all kinds of settings and workplaces.

    Instant hot water

    Perhaps the biggest single advantage of hot water boilers is the fact that there is hot water in an instant. No waiting around, no queuing and thus, at pinch points in the day, every gets their tea or coffee promptly.

    Hot water boilers are good for all size businesses so don’t assume that they are only meant for businesses where there are hundreds of members of staff. An ordinary domestic kettle holds about 1.5 litres and takes about two to three minutes to boil, serving three or four large mugs. Hence, you may need to boil the kettle several times more before everyone has a drink.

    Energy efficient

    Many people think that because the hot water unit is drawing water when not in use that it will cost more to run. But this is not the case.

    The water is heated and held in a tank. It is maintained at a certain temperature by the use of an element and a thermostat. When the water reaches a certain temperature, the thermostat cuts the power. It is a well-insulated unit meaning that the water remains hot for a long time, drawing on minimal power to keep it this way.

    When you draw water from the unit, you take the water that you need which is replaced. It takes less time and less energy to heat the remaining water to the required temperature than a kettle.

    The price of electricity will also determine how costly it is to boil a full kettle several times a day but in most cases, the kettle element works hard to heat cold water, drawing on a lot of energy to do so. It costs an average 2.5p every time to boil 1.5 pints of water in a kettle which multiplied several times a day and by more than one kettle and you can see how it starts to add up.

    Safer too

    Kettles are not fixed and could be knocked over. As you are also handling the kettle, picking it up, pouring water and so on, there is also potential for dropping it with the hot, boiling water scalding someone.

    As a business, you will have a keen eye on health and safety. You need and want your workplace to be as safe as possible. Hot water boiler can be a fixed entity in the kitchen or canteen thus, pouring a drink involves no lifting or moving of the heated water – you place your cup underneath the dispensing nozzle, press the button or pull/push the tap, and hot water is dispensed. The only item being moved, therefore, is a cup of hot water.

    It is also possible if the hot water boiler is being used in a public space to have safety devices fitted so that it cannot accidentally leak or, drip or dispense when not being used.

    Better tasting water

    Many hot water boilers come with a filtering system which means as the water is drawn from the plumbing system, it is filtered so that chemical residue in the water left behind when it is treated, are removed. This makes for a far more pleasant tasting cup of tea or coffee because the metallic taste that often accompanies tap water is filtered out.

    Find out more about hot water boilers so that your business can realise the benefits of having clean, hot water on tap.

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