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  • Is Water the Elixir of Youth?

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    Is Water the Elixir of Youth?

    Most people realise that water is good for their health and well-being, but did you also know that it's nature's great beautifier? Water is key to detoxification, which removes toxins and general nasties from the body's largest organ, the skin. Keeping your body hydrated helps this process to occur more thoroughly, naturally and effectively; in fact, those who start to increase their water intake will often notice an improvement in their skin, particularly if they've suffered from problems such as acne. In fact, many dermatologists recommend special mineral and spa waters, which are packed with beneficial compounds and soothing minerals that have long been associated with beauty. One great trick is to keep a small atomiser by your desk – particularly if you work next to a PC in a stuffy air-conditioned office – and spray it over your face and arms when you need a refreshing, skin-softening lift. Alternatively, if you get really hot, wrap an ice-cube in a tissue and, obviously before it melts, rub it over your pulse points to cool down. Cooler water dispensed over the wrists can produce a similar effect. The beautifying effect of water works in winter too. Drinking hot lemon and honey on a cold day is a great kick start for your digestion. Water also helps the liver to function well and again, this is vital to detoxification and cleansing. Water applied topically is able to moisturise the skin; indeed, the most beneficial ingredient in all moisturising products is the water, which the additional ingredients act to bind within the layers of the skin to provide protective and 'plumping' effects to the epidermis. So, bear in mind that water isn't just keeping you alive and feeling great the next time you fill up at the water cooler, it is also working to keep you looking beautiful.

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